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SRW4 - from Pacific rim

Hack of Dai-4-Ji Super Robot Taisen


Present for “Pacific rim” enthusiasts … Eureka participates in SNES version SRW4!


This is the IPS patch for SNES version “4th Super Robot Wars”. Using a tool such as WinIPS, the latter ROM (V1.1) without header please apply.


  • Change the 4th male hero to Raleigh-Beckett
  • Change the 4th heroine to Mako-Mori
  • Change “Gespenst” to “Try Eureka”
  • Change “Gespenst mk2″ to “Striker Eureka”

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ROM FILE : Dai-4-Ji Super Robot Taisen (J) (V1.1).smc
  • SIZE : 3145728 bytes
  • CRC32 : 63883E1E




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