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Super Metroid Turbo!

Hack of Super Metroid


Super Metroid turbo ! 7.37i version

Faster speed mode, based on Project Base 0.7.3 (Gameplay only), with Control Freak feature. what this patch does :

  • Faster Doors transition speed
  • Doors opening faster
  • Faster Elevators speed
  • Faster pause screen
  • Possibility to skip intro by pressing start button, from project base 0.8.1 feature
  • Remove fanfare music when collecting new item and replaces them with sound FX that don’t interrupt the BG music, thanks to Sadiztyk Fish
  • hold down to make bombs explode instantly with no jump (only works on the ground), from project base 0.7.3 feature
  • charge beam attracts energy/ammo drops from enemies much faster and smoother than before, from project base 0.7.3 feature
  • Samus’s suit palette in the ending will match the suit that was equipped when the game was beaten, from project base 0.7.3 feature
  • Morphball animation plays only if Samus actually moving, from project base 0.7.3 feature
  • Samus now has a fully drawn suit in the equipment pause menu, from project base 0.7.3 feature
  • Adjusted the energy and ammo drop rates for most enemies to be less stingy, from project base 0.7.3 feature
  • Most of demos on the title screen has been replaced (for watch them you have to wait few seconds on the title screen)
  • Display hours:minutes:seconds format when ending game (THE OPERATION WAS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY CLEAR TIME) instead of hours:minutes. thanks to PHOSPHOTiDYL
  • Display gametime, and percent item collect to the Equipment pause Screen. thanks to scyzer and PHOSPHOTiDYL
  • Control Freak : Changes the control setup for the game, to something closer to the newer GBA Metroid games, thanks to Kejardon. more info for this patch :
  • Add Hard mode difficulty in the options menu (Normal by default) thanks to PHOSPHOTiDYL
  • Power Bombs reveal hidden tiles
  • Screw Attack now destroys frozen enemies (by Adamf).
  • Intro text can be sped up by pressing a button.
  • Unstuck at tourian: it’s now possible to return to other areas (only works with RestoreDoorsTransitions.ips optionnal patch).
  • Adds 2 new unique items upgrades: WAVE DASH and HAMMERBALL (by mccad00). Will you be able to find them?
  • WAVE DASH: While spin jumping, hold run and double tap left or right to become temporarily invulnerable and dash through enemies.
  • HAMMERBALL: While in the morph ball, hold down and press ‘Aim down’ midair to perform an incredibly fast downward attack. Destroys speed booster blocks and utilizes the shinespark contact damage
  • Changes ending time: 2 hours instead of 3 hours for the best ending, and 8 hours instead of 10 hours playing for the “bad” ending, due to the faster way we play.
  • Grey door timer in the bomb torizo room is changed, it’s now possible to avoid the fight with bomb torizo if you’re fast enough by escaping before the door closing
  • Welcome screen changed to 2021
  • bug fixes (thanks to Nodever2)

changes from 7.37b to 7.37i :

  • Updated MSU-1 patch to v2 : when big metroid finish to drain energy the music is now stopping, instead of play samsus theme music. Happens only when using custom music
  • Restore default screw attack palette
  • Fix an issue caused by a conflict between control freak and project base : when aim downleft or downright (with aim button), and walk off a ledge it will reset to aiming upleft or upright (thanks to laserlambert for reporting it)
  • Fix an issue caused by a conflict between control freak and project base : when aiming downleft (with aiming button) and walking left into a wall, it will reset to aiming upleft (thanks to laserlambert for reporting it)
  • Fix an issue caused by a conflict between control freak and project base : when aiming downright (with aiming button) and jumping while walking right, it will do a spinning jump (thanks to laserlambert for reporting it)
  • Fix a bug happens on some demos scenes in title screen
  • Updated RestoreDefaultItemFanfare_Music&MsgBox_HUD.ips optional patch
  • added LessWiderX-Ray.ips optional patch
  • added DefaultControl(removeControlFreak).ips to remove control freak controls (restore vanilla controls)
  • added NewButtonConfigurationByDefault.ips to change default configuration buttons to match with speed runners often uses
  • Possibility to skip intro by pressing start button (project base 0.8.1 feature)
  • Restore default fanfare music when collecting Morph Ball, first missile, first super missile, and first power bomb.
  • New fanfare sound for each other items.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Metroid (Japan, USA) (En,Ja).smc
  • File/ROM SHA-1: ADA14152FC72E630D10BA30B7FB478B45C4739C0
  • File/ROM CRC32: 9D445085




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
begrimedHackingProject base
KejardonHackingControl freak
SadiztykFish (Scyzer)HackingASM hacks
P.JBoyHackingremove doors transitions, eye door projectile crash fix, game disassembly and more
Nodever2HackingSpeed Booster Vertical Jump Speed Fix and Reserve Tank Bugfixes patches
mccad00HackingMoar items
sylandroHackingHard mode
adamfHackingScrew Attack Frozen Enemies

User Review Information

User Reviews
Best Metroid QoL improvementlaserlambert26 Nov 20217.37fYes
A "Just Right" Updatelastdual31 Dec 20197.34Yes
Welcome improvements for replaying the gameMattKimura17 Dec 20197.33Yes
The right touchandrewclunn07 Nov 20197.3Yes