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Menu Upgrades

Hack of Dragon Warrior II


A collection of improvements and fixes for Dragon Warrior II’s menu system, including:

  • Fixing a graphical glitch when starting a new game
  • Spelling fixes for “DEFENC” and “SHILD”
  • Expanding displayed hero names from 4 characters to 8
  • Adding hero names to menu window borders
  • When purchasing an item from a weapon/armour shop, adding an “E” beside the name of each hero that can equip the item.
  • Various sizing and spacing tweaks

Includes commented source code for ASM changes!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Unpatched:
  • File MD5 3AEF63A01D6F57E3BF2C865A1D919D13
  • File SHA-1 F464C7045A489A248686E92164FDE2903CFD013E
  • File CRC32 E9F5BE99
  • ROM MD5 CCDB4563C9004D862DCF3A98C7937C22
  • ROM SHA-1 191A131E7E27E121D094CC412FED87C708147B2C
  • ROM CRC32 8C5A784E
  • Patched:
  • File MD5 FC54EC5F61DD8B5386E620F00102B6FC
  • File SHA-1 5577BA2B4A474C42F2795A0855DD0ED1037BD1A7
  • File CRC32 705A0AD9
  • ROM MD5 9243B5D91E5FDF81834B4A3402303FAE
  • ROM SHA-1 B148B699990397359D35220DD06F7EC57C4ABFCA
  • ROM CRC32 15F5CC0E




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