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Hello, all. Here’s a list of changes on the 1.14 update.

Pokemon Nature/Ability Additions/Replacements Bulbasaur Line Effect Spore/Natural Cure

Squirtle Line Shell Armor/Water Absorb

Charmander Line Drought/White Smoke

Magnemite Line Soundproof, Magnet Pull

Vulpix Line Serene Grace, Flash Fire

Exeggcute Line Effect Spore, Own Tempo

Cyndaquil Line (FIRE/GROUND) White Smoke, Drought

Totodile Line (WATER/DARK) Rough Skin, Intimidate

Chikorita Line (GRASS/NORMAL) Male/Female Ratio 50/50 Effect Spore, Cute Charm

Crobat Cloud Nine/Own Tempo

Murkrow Keen Eye, Insomnia

Houndour Line Intimidate, Flash Fire

(The author may have missed a few)

Physical Special Split added. (No Icons)

This patch works with version 1.0 (squirrels) NOT 1.1. Pokémon encounters have been edited and custom trainer battles and certain dialogue for the Elite Four have been changed for their rematches.

All Pokémon appearance ratios have been increased (no more 1% Chanseys), and most Safari Zone Pokémon are catchable in other locations. Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokémon are where they would usually be. Second Generation Legendaries are catchable as well. Aurora and Mystic Tickets work in game so you can catch Lugia and Ho-oh on Navel Island and go to Birth Island as well. Be sure to check out the Day Care on Four Island also.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Pokemon - Fire Red Version (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130720-015858)



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Fulfills its stated goal.RustInPeace01 Oct 20191.1Yes