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Pokemon Little Cup Red

Hack of Pokémon: Red Version


Pokemon Little Cup Red is a Pokemon Red romhack that reduces all pokemon’s levels to 5 and brings them down to the lowest evolution. Any pokemon that do not evolve has been changed.

Gameplay Changes: All levels reduced to 5 Pokemon can’t gain XP Pokemon Can’t use evo stones Pokemon Can’t use rare candy All Pokemon (should) follow Smogon LC rules TM 23 (Dragon rage) has been removed Water routes have decreased encounter rates (5% to 1%) Pokemon Tower has a decreased encounter rate (10% to 1%) Mt. Moon has a decreased encounter rate (10% to 1%) Rock Tunnel has a decreased encounter rate (15% to 5%) Victory Road has a decreased encounter rate (15% to 5%) The Seafoam Islands have a decreased encounter rate (15% to 5%) Diglett cave has a decreased encounter rate (20% to 1%) Pokemon Mansion has a decreased encounter rate (10% to 5%)

LC Changes: Pokemon can still learn wrap.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pokemon Red USA




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