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Hack of Final Fantasy


A re-flavoring hack for Final Fantasy 1.

It uses FF: Restored as a base with some of the optional hacks from that applied as well. Beyond that, there are reworked classes, all new weapons and armor, modified dungeon maps, monsters, and game flow.

Credits are given to everyone that made that hack so this hack was possible.

Version Changes / Known Bugs

Known Bugs in v1.06 - Occasionally the Cure and Heal (1st tier) spells will heal party members for a great deal more damage than intended (200+ instead of 40~). Doesn’t negatively affect gameplay; not interested in chasing this error down for the time being.

Upon reaching the Experience required for Level 17, characters will immediately jump to Level 18 at the end of the same battle.

Game Manual not updated to read v1.06 - still reads as v1.02, content of manual is accurate for v1.06 v1.06 - - Equipment Changes Fixed some mundane armor that was flagged to cast spells in battle Fixed some magical armor that didn’t have flags for spells in battle

- Misc Changes Added Weapon and Armor spoiler spreadsheet to archive

v1.05 - Not Released; changes listed with v1.06 above

v1.04 - - Equipment Changes Fixed Faerie Ring to properly protect from Poison-element Fixed Mythril Armor icon to reflect that it is Light Armor (again)

- Map Changes Added in treasure chests that have Wind Cloak and Ceramic Ring items Increased gil rewards in mid-game accessible treasure chests Fixed exit teleporters in Temple of Chaos (Revisited) maps to put player outside of the Temple entirely Changed the contents of a treasure chest that had the wrong item in it

v1.03 - Not Released; changes listed with v1.04 above

v1.02 - - Magic Changes Improved Chakra effectivity Improved Aero effectivity Changed Silence to target all enemies

- Enemy Changes Reduced Garland’s Defense Replaced Silence on most enemy spell lists with a new single-target Mute spell

- Class Changes Touched up Monk/Master sprites

- Equipment Changes Fixed Hero Sword class flags Fixed Mythril Armor icon to reflect that it is Light Armor

- Misc Changes Fixed some text errors - mostly names missing trailing spaces Fixed an overworld forest tile that wasn’t flagged for forest effect

v1.01 - Updated mismarked information in the manual. Fixed some incorrect flags on spells.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Final Fantasy (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: B0ED4E1573260187E31DA715CED28806EA4A81DA
  • ROM SHA-1: C9CFBF5455085E198DCE039298B083CD6FC88BCE




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
AstralEsperOriginal WorkFinal Fantasy Restored as base

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