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Hack of Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals


WARNING Towards the end this hack is challenging, that is, actually really challenging. Especially the final bosses really will put you to the ultimate test whether you truly have a decent grasp of the battle mechanics or not. So, if you get overwhelmed, your first thought better is “How can I optimize my strategies and tactics?” instead of “I have to grind to level 99 and/or farm stat potions for hours!”. Especially the final battles just are not free and will never be, regardless of how much you may grind.

It’s actually perfectly possible and likely that you will need quite a few tries so you will need a good frustration tolerance and you better really find PURE ENJOYMENT in having to experiment with the battle system mechanics and having to change your equipment, strategies and tactics as a result of your losses.

Otherwise you just are not the target audience and you just will not like this hack at the end of the day. Especially, if you are not actually quite pumped and hyped by the mere thought of somewhen facing the even more over-the-top optional superbosses…

Besides, I’m actually perfectly fine if you give up at the end. If you, however, are not okay with the possibility of not making it to the end after probably dozens of hours, then better do not play this and instead go for Frue Lufia.

HINT: If you have trouble towards the end, I suggest you look into the supplemental material like the ailment protection list or (especially if you don’t feel like having to use supplemental material) talk to some of the more important NPCs all over the world as well as do some more item, equipment and spell shopping. That said…


Based off of Frue Lufia, Spekkio Lufia is a battle rebalancing mod that aims to supply more of a challenge while lessening problems in the retail release’s game design. Not only are bosses rebalanced, but certain regular enemies are too. The Ancient Cave also received some tweaks. Enemies of later floors drop more useful rewards, you can buy Blue Chest items in Gift Mode—which is available from the first time you launch the game—and Iris Treasures appear more frequently.

The important updated bosses are as follows.

1. The Sinistrals in the Fortress of Doom are stronger, more befitting final bosses. Also starting with the Revenge Ghost the late game bosses are generally revamped. (In case you have some trouble towards the end, how about talking to some of the more important NPCs all over the world?)

2. The Master can fully heal himself every round. How can you possibly bring him down? There must be some way…

3. The Egg Dragon, who named the patch. He now behaves like Spekkio in Chrono Trigger, his battle script changing based on the highest-leveled party member.

4. La Puella, the beloved pet giant tarantula of the Princess of Parcelyte. She can be fought anytime after defeating Gades in the Ancient Tower. Do you stand a chance against La Puella and all of her fuzzy friends?

Check the Notable_Changes_Spekkio text file for detailed changes. To aid your survival, included are a bestiary, and a list of equipment that provides protection against status ailments.

Apply to a NTSC-U Lufia II ROM. NTSC-U ROMs have the Natsume logo at startup, not the Nintendo logo.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals (U).smc
  • Size: 2.50 MB (with header: 2,621,952 bytes / headerless: 2,621,440 bytes)
  • SHA1: A89931C1F29B161B8BE717DFAB4A4ADB54B42B84
  • MD5: 6EFC477D6203ED2B3B9133C1CD9E9C5D
  • CRC32: 20F2AC29



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I guess if you're a masochist, you might enjoy thisZorlock Darksoul30 Mar 20236.0No
Fun and Refreshing Until the EndGunarmDyne17 Sep 20204.9No