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Harvest Moon - Intuitive Ranch Master

Hack of Harvest Moon


Harvest Moon is a series notorious for its numerous bugs, and while most of the bugs in the SNES entry exist as exploits and can either be utilized or ignored to fit the players preferred play-style, a few bugs in the ranch master rate calculation have long forced completionists to have to choose between achieving an unintuitive “perfect” game or settling for a “100%” game. (A “perfect” game could only be achieved by deliberately limiting the shipped crops and girls’ love to just below 512, as a bug in the programming ignored the higher bits.)

Harvest Moon - Intuitive Ranch Master With Bugs and Exploits v1.3: With this fix, players will no longer be penalized for shipping more than 511 of any crop type or for having any of the girls’ love above 511 – enabling players to achieve both a “perfect” and “100%” game simultaneously. This also makes achieving a “perfect” game far more intuitive and removes the hassle of having to skip to the ending repeatedly to check scores. This fix does not change any other functionality in the game. Shipping more than 999 of any type of crop will still result in the text appearing garbled. Also, each girl’s love will still max-out at 999 and the “……Th-thank you.” message cannot be seen in her diary without cheating. Players will no longer be penalized for having more than 655,350G (added in version 1.3).

Harvest Moon - Intuitive Ranch Master + Diary Fix + Shipped Crops Fix v1.3: Causes the “……Th-thank you.” message to appear in a girl’s diary once her love reaches 999 (instead of 1000 as was originally coded). Prevents shipped crop numbers from incrementing above 999, ensuring no text will be garbled.

Harvest Moon - Intuitive Ranch Master With All Fixes And Credits Restoration v2.5: This includes all of the previous fixes from v1.3, but also adds the following: Fixes:

  • fixed duplicate power berry glitch
  • fixed broken chicken statue power berry glitch
  • fixed bug where time does not progress on the first day after receiving dog from Ellen
  • fixed bug where picking up a chick would interrupt dropping the dog
  • fixed going to bed at the same time as Eve to give +2 instead of -2 affection (like all other spouses)
  • fixed soft lock by preventing simultaneously selling an animal at the same time as buying a cow
  • fixed bug where items shipped via horse would be ignored when not touching horse
  • fixed bug where invalid fatigue animation would be played after restoring small amounts of stamina when max stamina is large
  • preventing use of Ellen’s dialog which mentions the horse before you own a horse
  • preventing wife from being in and out of house at the same time
  • fixed Nina’s married herb and flower gifts’ dialog and affection boosts
  • fixed Ellen’s anniversary gift logic to work with eggs and milk (like all other spouses)
  • fixed Harvest Festival text scripting to use the second year dialog for all non-first year interactions
  • fixed date text to use the correct “1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.”
  • fixed pregnancy logic to only allow giving birth on non-holidays


  • restored credits images
  • restored and translated “The End” animation at the end of the game

Removed Exploits and Other Improvements:

  • added logic and UI to buy multiple bags of seeds at once, limiting the amount of seed bags to 99 for each type
  • added functionality to force sleep at midnight
  • updated miracle potion and medicine to only be consumed if the area applied
  • updated seeds, hoe, sickle, and picked crops to not require re-watering if the soil is already watered
  • updated functionality to allow hammer to clear cut grass or seeds of any kind
  • added functionality so that the start button moves the cursor to “OK” for the name entry logic
  • only allowing dog to count one hug per day
  • updated power berries to be picked up automatically after they spawn
  • updated chickens to be non-solid (allow player to move through them like chicks)
  • added support for chickens laying eggs outside (two if they’re happy, where they’re happier the more they’re outside)
  • updated logic for cows being cranky and chickens getting eaten from wild dogs to actually require being fenced in
  • the more days you’ve hugged your dog, the more area the dog will protect against wild dogs, regardless of fencing
  • updated child (not baby) cows to lose 1 affection point if they aren’t fed when in barn
  • cows and chickens now gain an affection point when eating grass outside
  • digging up moles no longer cause cows to possibly get cranky
  • in-game hour to last 20 real-world seconds instead of 15 real-world seconds
  • hurricane logic no longer destroys grass and animal purchasing logic no longer requires any planted grass.
  • hurricane will only happen on year 2+, and will not happen on odd-numbered years if the turtle is owned.
  • hot springs now restore stamina by one point each time four in-game minutes pass (rather than each time you enter the hot springs)
  • hot springs will now also increase happiness by one point for ever in-game hour that passes
  • buying a cow no longer prevents you from also buying a chicken
  • buying a chicken no longer prevents you from also buying a cow
  • you can return to buy another cow after returning to your ranch to name the first cow
  • reimbursing player 5000g if paid-for cow was not delivered by the end of the day (due to cutscene ending day automatically)
  • speeding up text if A/B/X/Y/L/R are held down
  • forcing horse to be idle for 2 seconds after dismounting
  • forcing horse to be idle for 4 seconds after using saddle to ship item
  • now allowing game to continue after end of game (mostly untested)
  • limiting number of gifts you can give to each girl to one per day
  • unified logic so that girls’ affection boost is consistent across their different locations
  • reduced slowdown from cows by only activating nearby cows and the last cow you speak to (this makes controlling one cow via the bell easier as a side effect, too)
  • reduced slowdown from chickens by only activating on-screen chickens and causing chickens to sleep more frequently
  • updated Start+Select+L+R cheat and worst endings to use previously unused music track
  • updated bell tree to instantly return all cows to the barn
  • updated L/R whistles to always be available (even when no dog or horse is owned)
  • updated dog responding to whistle to also increment dog’s affection
  • updated bell logic to instantly teleport cows outside to inside and vice-versa (ringing once to select the cow inside and again to place the cow outside)
  • updated cows to respond to R whistle like old bell logic
  • updated golden hammer to correctly clear tilled/seed tiles like the normal hammer and only consume as much stamina as normal hammer when used for anything besides large rocks
  • only allowing you to grab each item in the mountain and mountain cave once a day
  • only allowing each mountain stump to be chopped once a day
  • only allowing mountain and cave rocks to be broken once a day
  • updated breaking rocks to spawn money sometimes (similarly to the 10g and 50g that can spawn from using the hoe) – spawning more frequently in caves and large rocks, and always spawning in caves when using the golden hammer
  • updated flower price to 30G and cake price to be 50G

Harvest Moon - Intuitive Ranch Master With All Fixes And Credits Restoration v2.5 [Infinite Night]:

  • not forcing sleep at midnight; instead: time is frozen at the second before midnight (hot springs will not give stamina or happiness boost while time is frozen)
  • reverted in-game hour back to lasting 15 real-world seconds again
  • un-equiping fishing rod when time is frozen at the second before midnight

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Region: English-NTSC
  • Version: v1.0
  • ROM Map: LoROM/FastROM
  • ROM Type: ROM + SRAM + Battery
  • ROM Size: 16Mb
  • SRAM: 8kB
  • CRC32: 0xf829129e
  • MD5: 0xc9bf36a816b6d54aed79d43a6c45111a
  • SHA1: 0xa64a5634429a4f5341868a40c220d7be89fda70a




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