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Mega Man X6 Tweaks

Hack of Mega Man X6


The “Mega Man X6 Tweaks Project” is a compilation of QoL hacks, gameplay improvements and localization restorations for Mega Man X6.

This is a set of three stand-alone patches, which serve as samples as well as templates of the options available in the Mega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher.


Features from v1.x:

Parts, Ranks, and Nightmare Souls:

  • Parts are no longer permanently missable (see Rescuable Reploids)
  • Parts allowance by Rank has been edited from 0/0/0/1/2/2/3/4 to 1/1/1/2/2/3/4/4 so you can equip at least one part right from the start.
  • Rank progression has been edited from to 0/200/300/500/800/1500/5000/9999 to 0/200/300/500/800/1500/3000/5000, so Level 4 boss battle start sooner (Rank PA, 3000), and the added unlockables of Rank UH can be reached without excessive grinding.
  • Story scenes unlocked by reaching 3000 are now split and set to match Rank PA (3000) and Rank UH (5000) respectively. This allows you to encounter Nightmare Zero Lvl. 4, which isn’t possible in the original game (Lvl. 4 bosses appear at Rank PA, Rank PA requires 5000 souls, but at 3000 souls the game would trigger an event that would make Nightmare Zero not appear anymore).
  • Dynamo’s Green Orbs drops have been increased from 200 to 400 souls (each). If you’re grinding souls with Dynamo, you might as well get it over with faster.

Rescuable Reploids, Nightmare Virus:

  • Rescuable Reploids reappear after getting infected or killed, as if you’ve never encountered them.
  • All rescuable Reploids not holding any items are marked as “MISSING” at the start of the game, drastically reducing the number of Reploids clogging stages (keeping only the ones that matter).
  • Rescuable Reploids no longer give extra lives and health. Instead, you get a consistently higher number of lives (from 2 normal/4 with EX Tank, to 4 normal/6 with EX Tank).
  • Nightmare Virus’ Blue Orbs will always appear (would normally reappear only after a Nightmare Effects has been activated for the corresponding stage)
  • Blue Orbs left alone won’t turn back into a Nightmare Virus

Player Mechanics:

  • Shared Character Stats: X and Zero now share Heart Tanks, Life Up parts, Energy Up parts, Souls, and Rank.
  • Dash and Air Dashes with the Hyper Dash part equipped have been made a bit longer.
  • Unarmored X and Shadow Armor now also have the ability to Air Dash.
  • Height of Zero’s Hyoroga and Shadow Armor’s ceiling jump has been increased (enough to reach Rainy Turtloid’s ceiling).


  • Beating Nightmare Zero on Lvl. 4 unlocks Zero’s Black Armor. This is coded in the original game, but the original souls requirements for Ranks/events wouldn’t allow it to happen normally.
  • When X and Zero reach Rank UH, the Ultimate Armor and Black Armor will be unlocked respectively.
  • Cheat Code 1 (Ultimate Armor) now gives both Ultimate Armor and Black Zero.
  • Cheat Code 2 (Black Zero) has now been repurposed to start the game with Zero, making a Zero vs. Nightmare Zero match possible (you can have him earn his Black Armor himself)
  • Both cheat codes can be combined.


  • “Exit Stage” button always available.

New and updated features in v2.x:


  • Script based on DuoDynamo’s incomplete translation. NectarHime’s script rewrite was used to fill the gaps.
  • Font replacement for stage dialogues and menus (Gemini’s Blood of Bahamut)
  • Variable font spacing for both the new font and the regular one.
  • Restored all missing voice clips from the japanese version. Some are included on the default patch, the rest are available as patcher tool options. (Hack Credits: DarkSamus933, initial research).
  • Title screen from japanese version, with the “Mega Man” logo edited in (Art Credits: Metalwario64)

Player Mechanics (X):

  • Activate Incomplete Armors: Armor abilities and enhancements are now linked to their individual armor parts instead of the armor itself. You can now get access to the armor as soon as you get the first part and get its abilities progressively, like you would in X1-X4.
  • Blade Armor: “Hybrid Mach Dash” controls. You can have both the normal behavior of the Mach Dash (with a stop mid-air) when pressing “jump”, and a immediate, more maneuverable air dash with the “dash” button. Speed and duration of either can be set separately.
  • Blade Armor: improved “Hold/Release” input option. Direction press will also count as “hold”, as it does on a regular Dash.
  • Shadow Armor: when sticking to walls, you can also slide down by pressing down.
  • Improved control of the Saber animation. Cooldown has been shortened.
  • To balance the shortened Saber animation, dash cancelling has been removed (can still be enabled to both X and Shadow X in the patcher).
  • Falcon Armor’s Air Dash jump button input has been removed.

Player Mechanics (Zero):

  • Sentsuizan: improved “Hold/Release” input option. Tremor sound effect won’t play if the technique is cancelled before it makes contact. Direction press will also count as “hold”, as it does on a regular Dash.
  • Sentsuizan: input has been remapped (from “Up + Attack” to “Down + Special”)
  • Ensuizan: “Air Move mode”. Can now only be used in the air, but let’s you do multiple spins in a row by holding the button.
  • Ensuizan: input has been remapped (from “Down + Special” anywhere, to “Special” in the air)
  • Guard Shell: it gets it’s own input combo (”Down + Special” while on ground), making all weapons available through input combos.
  • Control of the third slash Saber animation. Cooldown has been shortened.

Damage Table:

  • Blade Armor’s charged Buster damage has been increased (now handled by modifying damage tables instead of external code).
  • Blade Armor’s charged saber “tip” deals +1 damage against all enemies
  • Z-Buster damage has been slightly reduced against bosses
  • Slight buffs to most single-hit special weapons against common enemies
  • Damage against Nightmare Snake has been doubled.
  • Damage against Commander Yammark has been slightly reduced.

Boss Health Bars:

  • Commander Yammark and Ground Scaravich have increased Health Bars. Others received minor modifications for consistency.
  • Nightmare Snake health bar has been cut in half (this, and the x2 damage buff by damage tables, match the x4 damage buff in previous versions of the patch)
  • Nightmare Mother health bar has been cut in half (matches the x2 damage buff in previous versions of the patch).

Boss Attacks:

  • Commander Yammark: increased damage to all attacks. Projectiles are now indestructible. Reduced idle time.
  • Blizzard Wolfang: increased damage to all attacks. Projectiles are now indestructible.

Stage modifications:

  • Amazon Area: the ceiling has been extended on the equally infamous blind jump in the section with transport enemies over spikes.
  • Recycle Lab: the long jump leading to the Capsule and Hidden Area has been shortened by a couple of tiles. The hidden area portal has been moved to the left side of the jump, so you’re not forced to exit the stage if you chose the wrong path without the requirements to make the jump.
  • Secret Lab 1: removed a few spikes to reduce Armor/Parts requirements to be able to go through. X can now pass through using only Ice Burst (and dash jumping very carefully)
  • Secret Lab 2-2 (X): a platform can be added to the infamous jump section (Credit: DarkSamus933)
  • Recycle Lab/Secret Lab 2-2(Zero): if crouching safely on a tight spot and let go of the down button, you’ll be locked in the crouch position until the ceiling rises (instead of getting immediately killed).

Custom menu options:

  • Navigator (Alia alerts) and Nightmare Effects can be enabled/disabled anytime during gameplay from the setting menu within the pause menu.

Cutscenes voiceover

  • Voice-over won’t be cut when pressing the button to display the whole block of text, will be cut when moving to the next page instead.
  • Slight speed up of text.


  • Cheat Code 2 (Unlock Zero): You will now start using Zero from the Intro Stage.
  • Unlockable by Rank UH: A message in the “Mission Report” screen will notify any secret armor unlocked by reaching Rank UH.
  • A flashing effect was added when Zero himself gets the black armor by defeating Lvl 4 Nightmare Zero. Normally, it would simply change to the black palette immediately.

Custom art:

  • Custom mugshots for characters that didn’t have one: the intro stage Hunter and Dr. Light (Art Credits: Metalwario64)
  • Cleaned up and custom mugshots for existing characters (Art Credits: Metalwario64)
  • Custom palette options for X’s Ultimate Armor and Nightmare Zero (Art Credits: Metalwario64)


  • Continues will now take you to the start of the stage (now extra lives mean something)

Fixes from the original games:

  • The Guard Shell glitch (you no longer get multiple extra frames of damage with any attacks overlapping the shield)
  • High Max health bar size not updating correctly to match his level
  • Wrong mugshot animation timming on Commander Yammark and Infinity Mijinion
  • Swapped icons for the Hyper Dash and Speedster Parts
  • The “overwright” typo on the Save File screen
  • The missing description for the Rekkoha in the Mission Report screen
  • Zero cutscenes defaulting to X’s version when you load a saved game
  • A miscolored boot on one of the cutscenes

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man X6 (USA) (v1.1)
  • Serial Number: SLUS-01395
  • MD5: 237B6FEDDD1A88E86AB1CDDC8822F03F



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
acediezHackingProject author
Metalwario64GraphicsMugshots artist. Various graphics contributions.
DarkSamus993HackingDisc files documentation. Various hack contributions.
Gledson999HackingDisc files unpack/repack tools. Text editing tools.
DuoDynamoTranslationScript translation