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Hack of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island


Yoshi’s Island - No Crying, Improved SFX and Red Coins

The goal of this patch is to retain the original gameplay of Yoshi’s Island but vastly improve the experience by removing annoyances. This patch replaces the bad “ear-piercing” sound effects and restores red coins. Mario will no longer cry and has matching graphics to represent this and more.

Version: 1.1:

  • Rev1 ROM now available to patch. AKA: Version 1.1 (has bold font).
  • SNES Mini patches now available for .sfrom files.
  • Individual patches now available as some people may not want to change the crying, SFX or red coins.

Version 1.0:

  • Mario will no longer cry! He has also has replaced graphics when inside the bubble.
  • Alarm sound (SFX_0×58) now replaced with lesser alarm (SFX_0×57) as it is less irritating.
  • Red Coins are now properly red.
  • All mouse sound effects (SFX_0×75) replaced with chirp sound (SFX_0×5A) which is very similar sounding but less ear-piercing.
  • Ice no longer screeches.
  • Winding heavy object on a chain no longer screech by repeating chirp sound (SFX_0×5A). It is now replaced with correct winding sound (SFX_0×1B).
  • Winding heavy object on a chain no longer play the “frying pan dong” when winding (SFX_0×2F). All other instances remain.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Rom Name: Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island (USA).sfc
  • Country USA
  • Internal CRC 132C
  • CRC32 D138F224
  • MD5 CB472164C5A71CCD3739963390EC6A50
  • SHA-1 C807F2856F44FB84326FAC5B462340DCDD0471F8
  • SHA-256 9B4957466798BBDB5B43A450BBB60B2591AE81D95B891430F62D53CA62E8BC7B



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