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Bomber Pikachu

Hack of Bomberman


This is a Pokémon styled hack of Bomberman (Japanese version) for the NES.

Includes 3 versions: Two with monochrome (greyscale) colors and one with SGB (Super Game Boy) colors.

Ver 1.1 Monochrome (Normal)/ SGB. - The title screen is redesigned. - Various palette errors are corrected. - The colors of some graphics are exchanged to display correctly.

Ver 1.1 Monochrome (Plus) - The title screen is redesigned. - Various palette errors are corrected. - Graphics and animations are added, created, and corrected. - The end of the game was slightly modified. - Pokemon’s selection was realigned to better match the behavior of the original enemies. - Removed the presence of humans as enemies.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Bomberman (Japan).nes
  • CRC32: 90E10DDD
  • MD5: 6E456B88 A3181563 64066D19 7A8A43D4
  • SHA1: B5BCCA95 DD7EA0FF 6F3882E8 09C56005 2C212A24




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Green JerryHacking

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