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007: Agent Under Fire Reloaded

Hack of 007: Agent Under Fire


A download for the mod can be found in the description of the video linked here:

The goal of AUFR is to create a strictly improved version of the original 2002 GameCube game, especially in the multiplayer mode which was great to begin with but had a handful of glaring issues such as: Slow match setup times due to having to constantly change the bad default settings with no way to save preferences, an overabundance of OP armor jackets, poor automatic weapon accuracy, ugly bullet tracers, etc. I hope this improved version will give you and your friends hours of fun together.

List of most recent changes that the mod makes:

[1.3] 1. Widescreen code improved by correcting FOV and removing pop-in, and being disabled during vehicle missions (aiming and HUD were broken previously) 2. Texture pack containing uncompressed PS2 textures for common objects like guns and characters. Upscaled/redrawn textures for menus, crosshairs, text, skyboxes, decor, and other focal points 3. Multiplayer weapon buffs for P2K, Defender, Viper, Ingalls, Calypso, KS7, PS100, and Photon Cannon 4. Damage screen flash removed from on-foot gameplay 5. Smoother gameplay animation via true 60fps internal framerate code 6. 007 token pickups recolored from gold to platinum 7. 007 token pickup sound shortened 8. Full-detail maps are used when playing with 3-4 players (low detail maps were a performance solution for PS2, unnecessarily left in the GCN version) 9. Slightly reduced look & manual aiming sensitivity for on-foot gameplay 10. Multiplayer HUD reduced for more visibility 11. Improved menu defaults have been modified to include a second shield powerup, more balanced gun loadout, medium auto aim, no radar 12. Various text improvements and fixes such as renaming 007 “Bonus” to “Token” 13. Ladder speed reduced slightly to avoid exaggerated hop-off when exiting ladder at the top (still faster than vanilla) 14. AR codes grouped together to be presented like a patch 15. Installation simplified into four step folder process 16. 10 fun cheat codes to hunt down!

[1.3.1] 1. DLTK cheat now sets lives to 0, Noclip cheat now allows you to explore farther OoB without death.

[1.3.2] 1. Damage flash removed from vehicle missions 2. You can use the analog stick to navigate menus 3. On-foot widescreen aspect ratio is more accurate 3. New cheat added to “Beyond the Castle Walls” Top Secret file. 4. Moon Jump cheat now works by simply holding the jump button down 5. Too Many Martinis cheat no longer causes vehicle missions to crash 6. Unlimited Ammo cheat no longer requires clip reloading 7. Green artifacts in vehicle mission outro FMVs reduced 8. Bond move emblem texture improved

  • ************************************************************************************************

Improved Menu Settings Defaults (Press L+R+START at any time after boot to apply)

Single Player: Controller Setup is set to 3

Multiplayer: Human Players is set to 1 Time Limit/Point Limit for matches is set to 8 minutes/20 points Map Settings is set to Custom Players 1-4 have Controls Setup set to 3 Players 1-4 have Crouch Toggle set to ON Players 1-4 have Auto Switch Weapon set to OFF Players 1-4 have Auto Aim set to MEDIUM Players 1-4 have Radar set to OFF Players 1-4 have starting health of 165 Friendly Fire is set to ON Safe Restart is set to ON No Falling Damage is set to ON Powerup 1 is set to SHIELD Powerup 2 is set to SHIELD Custom Weapon Set 1 appears as the default weapon set Custom Weapon Set 1 contains the following: DEFENDER PS100 KA57 GRENADE LAUNCHER FRINESI SSR4000

  • ***************************************************************************************************************************************************

Multiplayer Weapon Buffs:

Ingalls fire rate .0625 - .0400 (much faster) Viper spread 200 - 80 (much more accurate) Defender spread 80 - 50 [more accurate) Calypso damage 6.5 - 11 (much stronger) P2K fire rate .4 - .3 (faster) KS7 damage 10 - 12 [stronger] PS100 damage 12 - 15 (stronger) Photon Cannon primary mode projectile speed 500 - 800 (faster, matches secondary)

  • ***************************************************************************************************************************************************

Known Bugs: 1. Bullet tracers shot from enemy guns in single player will look like the original unimproved version when using “Improved Bullet Tracers.” 2. Very minor audio bugs in multiplayer (per map basis) including missing sound effect for placing mines, switching firing mode. 3. Green artifacts in vehicle mission outro FMVs, pink FMVs (solid or flashing) when using certain Top Secret AR cheats. 4. Grenade pin appears at left edge of screen when cooking grenade (widescreen side effect) 5. Couch in the lobby of Cold R is missing.

Special thanks to: Josh_7774 for revolutionizing AR code possibilities (he created the vast majority of AR codes for this mod) and providing the PS2 textures and excellent ideas, RAtA for creating new textures from scratch for the menus & HUD & text, Freakish and Timeless Lunchbox for expanding AR code possibilities, Fitterspace for providing the banner image for the ISO and graphics for AUF R promotional videos, NotyourusualZero for help with understanding the game code and providing textures and sound solutions, GreaseMonkey for help with coding and all who playtested and lent suggestions during development.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • 007 - Agent Under Fire (USA) *version does not matter*



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