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neoFFL2 v6-000A

Hack of Final Fantasy Legend II


Summary of alterations:

  • Allows long player names (up to 8 letters long using DTE)
  • Modified mutant skills list
  • Modified shops inventory and treasure items
  • Boosted monster attack damage
  • Corrected and made cooler names
  • Toned down robot stats
  • Replaced banana with heroin
  • Replaced agility weapons
  • Guns, cannons boost agility
  • Bug fixes (major thanks to Alex J. for decompiling and debugging the combat programs)
  • Improved human/mutant stat growth rate
  • Treasures (thanks to sarcoma for locating it in the ROM)
  • Reduced item uses and prices
  • Additional DS B monster fights
  • More Quake spells
  • New sweeping attacks
  • More focus on AGL/MANA combo
  • New starters for party
  • Mutants now eat meat to gain stats

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Final Fantasy Legend II (USA).gb
  • CRC32: 58314182
  • MD5: 2BB0DF1B 672253AA A5F9CAF9 AAB78224
  • SHA1: 6AB6890E 8F688BCD 87E97886 A1748A4D 9D341909



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