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Final Fight One - Redux Edition

Hack of Final Fight One


This hack changes and fixes several things to make it more like its arcade counterpart, here’s what it does to it so far:

Changes most of the colors to make it look more like its arcade counterpart.

Changes Rolento’s sprites to the ones from Final Fight 2.

Changes Jessica’s TV sprite to look more like her uncensored arcade counterpart.

Changes Jessica’s sprite in the Stage 1 intro to look more like her SNES counterpart.

Gets rid of the red color that appears on the stem of the bar sign in stage 3.

Gives the first part of stage 4 its correct music track.

Makes the second bonus stage appear after stage 4 instead of stage 5.

Replaces Dug with Bred in the first bonus stage to make it more like its arcade counterpart.

Restores the missing crowd that were suppose to appear in the last part of stage 3 back to it.

Changes the character select screen of the Alpha characters to the one from the American version.

Restores the original arcade behavior of the every 200,000 points system, now you’ll get your first extra life at 100,000 and you’ll get another one at 300,000.

Pitches down all the sound samples, to make them sound more like the ones from the arcade version.

The 0xED hex editor was used to make this hack.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fight One (Japan).gba
  • SHA-1: 3A0FA85187AA7C20842ABEB1A6CBC11B21131B2C
  • CRC32: C9E5E223




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Mister ManHackingPitching down all the sound samples.
LeonarthCGGraphicsInserting some of the new sprites.
Blade133boGraphicsInserting some of the new sprites.
Kensuyjin33GraphicsCreating the custom Stage 1 Jessica sprite and also a couple custom frames for Rolento as well.
PrimeOPGraphicsCreating some of the custom frames for Rolento.

User Review Information

User Reviews
A great hack but wih ugly portraits1HomoErectus121 Jul 20222.9No
On the right track.Djota08 Jun 20222.8Yes
*sees broken car* "OH, MY GOD!!"RealGaea24 Jun 20171.1Yes