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Breath of Fire II Maeson

Hack of Breath of Fire II


This is a Hack for Breath of Fire II, an RPG on the Super Nintendo. It is now updated to version 1.03!

Unlike other hacks of this author, the idea here is to fine-tune certain aspects of the game to make a smoother experience, instead of making big changes to the gameplay in general (even if there are some).

Some of the changes done are:

  • Increase the overall usefulness and balance of the cast of characters, improving the least useful ones and trying to put them all on a similar level.
  • Changes to Magic, with changes to the AP costs, and in case of offensive spells, damage too. Characters learn different spells, and overall they can be used a bit more freely.
  • Changes in equipment that go along with the changes to the characters. For example, whips are much better weapons than before, and a few pieces of armor are usable by more characters.
  • Changes in the Experience and Zenny the monsters give upon defeat; the experience tables for characters to reduce grinding, and prices for equipment and items also was adjusted depending on their usefulness.
  • Because of all the changes pointed above, monsters had their stats also adjusted for how the characters are now. Difficulty shouldn’t change too much compared to the original game.
  • Changes on the Shaman system, for example Seny/Saynie actually does something now, and Transformations are not simple stat upgrades anymore, instead they reduce and increase stats, trying to change a character’s role or become a stronger version of himself/herself, but with higher weaknesses too.

There are a few other things, and as always is the case with this author, there’s a “way too long readme” with a lot of information.

This hack is actually compatible with D4S and Ryusui’s Retranslation. In fact, there’s a version of the readme exclusively made with Retranslation names.

Version 1.01 changes: Some of the enemies on the very early parts of the game were slightly toned down in attack power.

Version 1.02 changes: some slight Character adjustments made for better balance, Shaman Transformations made less extreme (both in strengths and weaknesses), and fixed a small oversight in the B patch on 1.01.

Version 1.02a changes: Just a few typos related to when certain characters learn certain spells. Very minor stuff.

Version 1.03 changes: After several years, the hack got some updates.

  • A version with lowered encounter rates has been added, after Ok Impala! found how to change it. This new version tweaks the Experience and Zenny rewards to make up for the lower encounter rate, and the chances for obtaining certain Item drops were increased too. Credits and thanks to Ok Impala! for finding out!
  • The original game uses the music track “There’s Something Here”, a very short and repetitive loop, in many, many areas of the game, something a lot of people found annoying, and the author does too. This new version of the hack swaps out this track in most places that it played before and substitutes it with a variety of other themes, not only making the game feel fresher when you’re not hearing the same music track constantly, but also to let other, better themes that are used far less shine a bit more.
  • The Menu Background for the Retranslation version of the patch has been simplified to make reading far less of a hassle. It was optional in the prior version, but in this new version is part of the main patch.
  • In an attempt to simplify the patching process, because of the Initial Check the Retranslation does and how it prevents you to play, the patches have been remade. Now you can create a fully working ROM that combines the Retranslation, my Hack, and even PHA_PHX_PHY_PHP’s Unfusing Less patch that will successfully pass the check. Yes, this means there’s no more need to mess around with SRAM files!

There are extra patches in case someone wants to restore the original music, or the Retranslation’s original background, just in case. Check the readme for details.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Breath of Fire II (USA).sfc
  • CRC-32: 67CDACC5
  • MD-5 : E1FF1ED4AD5DBDBE86774920DFB5E9D4
  • SHA-1 : 1F7707E606B7E9FA8FB3908BBDDFCB5DEA93D776



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


User Review Information

User Reviews
A comprehensive tweakingRoast Goose15 Jan 20231.03Yes
Not an ideal menu wallpaper!Roric11 Mar 20221.02aNo
What BoF2 should have beenwinterelegy14 Jun 20201.02Yes
PLAY THIS HACKmagictrufflez31 Jan 20171.0Yes