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Final Fantasy III Maeson

Hack of Final Fantasy III


Final Fantasy III Maeson is a rom hack of, obviously, Final Fantasy III for the Famicom/NES, and now has received its latest update, the 1.3.7 Version.

This release addresses a few things while also making a previous optional gameplay feature a part of the main version, the ability to unlock all Classes at the beginning, which offers a lot more freedom while also cutting down the grinding for Class/Skill Levels and improving the pace of the game.

In case someone still wants the original way of getting classes, there’s an alternative version, aptly named “Original Progress” which does not include some of the features of the Main version.

Changes of 1.37 compared to 1.30 (Both Main and Original Progress versions):

  • Shields have got some minor edits to be less exploitative.
  • Defense and Evasion of monsters in late areas of the game have been tweaked, as they were higher than what should be reasonable.
  • The strongest Weapons of each type had their Elements removed, as they made them less effective in the final areas, where elemental resistances are common.
  • Big change to how Arrows work. They’re no longer consumable ammunition. No longer can equip stacks of them, as a single Arrow signifies infinite supply. This has caused some changes to their prices, treasure chests and shops. Some slight tweaks to stats were done too.
  • Thanks to fellow hacker Everything, the Element Boost given by weapons now works. It has received some tweaks to go with the hack, though, as it was way too strong in its original state.
  • A set of “hidden” stats that each Class related to Critical Hit and Fleeing ratios has has been tweaked, as it was previously unknown by the author.
  • Job Experience gained through actions in battle has been tweaked, another element that the author wanted to change for a long while, and gaining Job Levels should be smoother. More details on the readme.

Changes exclusive to 1.37 Main Version:

  • All Classes are now unlocked upon reaching the Wind Crystal, a previously optional feature integrated into the main hack. There are no Level or Capacity limits.
  • Because of this, Black and White Mages were obsolete thanks to access to Magus and Devout. Thus, they’ve been reworked into something different, being their own thing. This change includes changes to Stat growth, access to Equipment and Spells, and some text and visual changes.
  • Ninja has got some limitations to its equipment selection, as it no longer is a secret Class to get at the end of the game.
  • Minor tweaks to weapons, mostly to early ones.

Readmes were updated, with each version of the hack having its own variant, and the PDF Guide had the necessary changes to reflect the Main Version of the hack.

The structure of the 7Zip file has changed to make things simpler to use.

The previous 1.30 release was a huge overhaul that tweaks, polishes, fixes and extends many of the changes previously made in older versions. Generally speaking the changes are:

  • Reworked Class data to be better thought out and designed. Initial Stats and Stat Gains have been improved and now characters grow organically and in a far more balanced way.
  • Reworked Equipment, with more subdued bonuses, more varied properties, tweaks on which Classes can use certain pieces and such.
  • Reworked Magic. Sometimes to adjust damage, others to make certain Spells more useful, and a few other changes.
  • Reworked Monsters. Unlike previous versions, 1.3.0 brings large changes to the Stats and abilities of enemies, and it is one of the biggest modifications of this release, as besides changes in their properties, there are some changes to enemy groups and even bringing back a number of dummied monsters. Expect a more challenging journey.
  • Prices, Treasures, Shops and other elements also had tweaks.
  • While this hack is no longer a “mix and match” effort, there’s still a number of optional patches, such as being able to start with all Classes, enabling the ability to save in any situation, colour customisation and graphical enhancements.

Pretty much every aspect of this hack has been touched upon on this release to try and make the best version of it. You can, as always, check the long Readme included for more details.

Because this game has several fan translations, and this hack requires text editing for a number of things, the author has made specific patches to work with:

  • The Alex W. English Translation.
  • The ad0220 English Translation.
  • The Chaos Rush English Translation.
  • The author’s Spanish Translation.
  • And another for the original Japanese (which will also work with any other translation that doesn’t shift around game data, although it will lack the text changes, so beware).

This release also comes with a manual-like PDF that lists all the details on Classes, Equipment, Magic and such so it can help the player as it plays along. The old 1.2.3 Version is also included, untouched, in case anyone still wants to mess with it.

The author would like to still show his appreciation to Kea and STARWIN for helping back in the day, and also give credit and his thanks to Everything for helping out with the Element Boost fix and finding more game data, which has been researched on a great disassembly project that can be found at Github.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (J) [!].nes GOODNES 3.23b
  • MD5 4E9BDCDD1071FF48638A3AA0FDA325FC
  • SHA-1 C4443FC24625E3C2BB859525EB44B6B3A80E7C35
  • CRC32 170163F1




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
KeaHackingOriginal Research & Hacking Notes