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KuruKuru Fever Retail N64 Patch

Hack of KuruKuru Fever


Kuru Kuru Fever Retail N64 Hack

This series of patches allow a retail N64 console to run the various Aleck64 titles. It mimics the hardware registers used for the DIP and hardware switches and pushes N64 controller output to the joystick registers. It requires an 8MB expansion pak, and optionally 4k or 16k eeprom to save settings. Use the test menu to set game options and coin settings.

As of version 1.1, standalone patches were abandoned in favor of an autopatcher. This requires either 64bit Windows or something compatible. The game was originally stored across two flashram. You’ll need to provide both ua3088-all01.u3 and ua3088-alh04.u4. (MAME’s filenames in kurufev correspond to these two ICs.) Although these two files are natively little endian, the patcher accepts either byteorder. They will be tested against known good SHA512s. Incorrect or bad files will display an error. Select any applicable DIP switches, then output an N64-compatible ROM usable on hardware. Output is native byteorder (big endian), using a 5101 CIC.

Release Log

V1.1 ‎Aug ‎31, ‎2021

  • Gamma correction fix for console. Aleck’s RGB out doesn’t use gamma!
  • Timestamp added to header at 0×34.
  • Change to (bloated) autopatching method.
  • Added DIP switch reference.

V1.0 Jan 02, ‎2015

  • Original Release

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Two binaries are required:
  • ua3088-all01.u3
  • MD5:
  • 2d4fdd6534f158073d25762d8253af42
  • SHA512:
  • 1bfd1925ccb6b61243623bddcc095a97744927557c198fe83f1cb9058433f0bcbebd2b3d663aa06e65b9d4560fb98fc058431067c2afe9f1eb1fcca7d1a86107
  • ua3088-alh04.u4
  • MD5:
  • 40ec4f82cf0f7a24d71ff4b15b9e4dae
  • SHA512:
  • c1e0da7388170fba4ab78ecf0891f7fb3a11b69a151077b3a365a867f282fa36148e24445dfe92e06431975cfb67485f70171bb48b974862f4948d063aaa213a




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