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Sonic and Tails: Double Trouble

Hack of Sonic the Hedgehog


Here’s the release of my first Sonic Hack. It’s a Sonic 1 hack that includes Tails as a playable character, new/different layouts for every stage, different music ported from other Sega games, double boss fights in some zones and new moves!


Dr. Robotnik, who recently came across a mysterious 7th chaos emerald wonders how he can utilize it to take over the world. Tired of constantly having his evil plans thwarted by Sonic and his friends, he decides to recruit help… by cloning himself. He builds a cloning machine powered with the 7th chaos emerald and manages to successfully make one clone before the machine is overloaded with the emerald’s power and destroyed. The emerald then disappears and no one knows of its whereabouts at this time. Sonic and Tails get word of Robotnik’s new plan to terrorize the world and they set out to stop him. But now they have deal with twice the intelligence… double the trouble!

(Note: To play as Tails, press B at the title Screen and you’ll hear the jump sound to confirm.)


  • Jump: B or C
  • Mid-air roll: Press A while airborne to roll into a ball if you’re not already rolling
  • Spindash: Press B or C while crouching (down) to start up a spindash. Additional presses will rev it up to give more speed. Release down to take off in a burst of speed.
  • Boost Attack (Sonic Only): Press or hold A on the ground for an extra burst of speed. It also functions as an attack (speed-based) and costs 1 ring every 5 frames that you use it (has 5 frames startup, so you can’t avoid the cost to use).
  • Tails Attack (Tails Only): Press A on the ground for Tails to whip his tails to attack the enemy.
  • Flight/Float Underwater (Tails Only): Press B or C while jumping to start flying or floating underwater. You can press A to roll into a ball and cancel the flight in midair

Added functionality to unused Monitors in Sonic 1:

  • Eggman Monitor: Damages Sonic or Tails if they break it, so be careful around these.
  • S Monitor: Sacred Shield. This rare shield attracts rings (even hidden rings that can help you find other surprises), allows you to be underwater without needing air bubbles and you can take up to two additional hits with it. Getting hit once reverts it to a normal shield.
  • Goggles Monitor: gives you 15 rings and then um…

Other things to note:

  • Tails’ flight is NOT a direct port of his flight from Sonic 3. As such, his ascension is different and he just floats up when underwater (which you can cancel/roll into a ball by pressing A in mid-float). He still automatically starts falling after 8 seconds of flight (gets tired)
  • The spike bug is left in intentionally to set up some spike-based traps, so be careful.
  • Difficulty-wise, this hack isn’t meant for beginners to play through. I’m aiming for around mid-level difficulty. Not too hard/not meant to torture the player, but not a cake-walk either.
  • It is possible to get through every level without taking damage.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Sonic The Hedgehog (USA_ Europe).md - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: F9394E97
  • MD2: AC3F388561B3889FE05E3FBCCC6DFBDC
  • MD4: 92D7C18D89411778E3155E9EE9FB41B4
  • MD5: 1BC674BE034E43C96B86487AC69D9293
  • SHA-1: 6DDB7DE1E17E7F6CDB88927BD906352030DAA194
  • SHA-256: 46160BAA06362C711C9F1A5017CB7371026444936C8AF5E93A78996CF32FF2A6
  • SHA-384: 74C61968794A93721D449F933AB6C7E846AB63D00E82C515ACDF0EE04B29A7BE570189DAB84C4EF1A40D5D0178C1FCD4
  • SHA-512: 6F22A365A9506D3DC7C07D26E1114B9847B8C59BA3399958E12E3597CD5FB6F4DC48D10880D7A0758809770E6862A3C21E400A87D4359C871F3EDA38CE075503
  • SHA3-224: 17E57CF0A894918113E13B1DF28BBC0238F641AC4C92C2906D2EDFB2
  • SHA3-256: 9226CA4C61FC8A39765BB199353936660C477DC7924115F1C379371753DB35B8
  • SHA3-384: C143565BB709B4C8081D796AF1244D5587448BD9F27EE7EB981C78E9027A8CDE95F6E6642A3303A402DA85737D36AAFB
  • SHA3-512: BA2754A83656783264988F4428ECAD2A53AC9F5A8025A57F9E41B751642FA04DA9B9ECA36A70E498D9016D28E9B93D983176FDBFA117DAC5C8BD9D1E24760B62




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