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Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden Enhanced Colors

Hack of Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden


This hack changes the colors of the ring mat, the safety mats and some of the wrestlers to look more like their PC-Engine counterparts.

There’s also a alternate patch that will replace the head of Emperor Ken (Riki Choshu) with Jesse Ventura’s, this will make him look more like Choshu.

There’s also a patch for the unreleased American version as well.

The HivePal palette editor along with the 0xED hex editor were used to make this hack.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden (Japan).bin
  • SHA-1: 7F41AFBF62D83424067F872A5DFE2C0F0EC40052
  • CRC32: 24408C73
  • Jesse 'The Body' Ventura Wrestling Superstars (Mar 2, 1992 prototype).bin
  • SHA-1: B95BA6E4BA63C9C20447996B8621D252B7572474
  • CRC32: 7C70DBF




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