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FF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard Mode

Hack of Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls


Important: Please read the patching instructions before trying to play this hack.

This is a hard difficulty hack of Final Fantasy 1 - Dawn of Souls. No changes were made to FF2. It is based off of Ludmeister’s “Mod of Balance” version 2.2 hack, so it is required that you download and apply that first. Please read the Set-up Instructions below, or check the readme document. You must follow the steps. :)

The reason for me basing this off his 2.2 version is because after his 3.0 update, he radically changed the “Job System” by allowing you to choose any of the 12 classes from the beginning of the game. For those that didn’t like that, he recommended downloading version 2.2 which used the original Job change mechanic, but lacked some of the new updates. The goal for this hack was to combine all the updates from version 3.0 and up, and put them into version 2.2. (minus the 12 Job feature, of course) While not everything made the cut, there is plenty more that’s been added to make the adventure fresh and challenging. (well, hopefully!)

One thing you’ll notice right away is stats being listed in-game for each weapon and armor piece. You’ll know exactly what it offers, without having to look them up in the readme document. :) You’ll also notice that this version is much harder in difficulty - which is the most important part!

This project was originally intended for personal use only, but a lot of work ended up being done to make the experience new. Thanks goes to Ludmeister for his fantastic work on DoS, and his Mod of Balance! Thank you!

What’s New?

  • Much harder difficulty.
  • More enemies inflict status ailments with their basic attacks. They were assigned based on the monster’s habitat, or design, so they don’t feel out of place.
  • Enemy stats increased; HP, Atk, Def, Eva, Etc. Bosses have a lot more health so they don’t feel like weakling pushovers. Of course if you grind, no enemy will offer a challenge.
  • Enemy AI; Added spells and abilities to some enemy AI tables. Also increased/decreased the attack rates for some enemies.
  • Enemy encounters; Some enemies were relocated or removed from certain maps in the game. The rare monsters in stock FF1 DoS are even more rare.
  • Enemy loot; Each monster has treasure, and that treasure was given to monsters at strategically chosen points of the game to allow you to get benefits from grinding - If you love that sort of thing. Gear scales accordingly and is fair.
  • Character stats; Lower starting stats for each character.
  • Stat growth; Rebalanced the gains of Accuracy and Magic Defense when you level up. Other stats, such as Strength, Agility, etc., are unchanged.
  • New weapons; Some weapons in the stock game were kinda useless, so they have new stats, gfx, skills, magic abilities, etc. They are rare, though, since they are ultimate weapons now.
  • New Armor; Some new armors that are worth your time to find. Also, each armor piece provides HP and MP % boosts. Find the best ones!
  • New Spells; changed the properties of a few spells, made some new ones.
  • Greatly increased MP costs of magic; You’ll feel the pressure early on, and you won’t be able to stack those Tempers to 1-shot bosses. The goal was to give the feeling of limited MP like original NES FF1. (to some extent at least, hopefully it succeeds)
  • Swapped the contents of a few treasure chests; This made some items even more rare. (for example, Genji Armor can’t be found in a chest anymore)
  • Item descriptions include various stats (atk, def, crit%, etc.) Now you can make an informed decision as to what weapon/armor you want to buy. As a result, of course, all flavor text is gone.
  • Item/magic prices have been increased.
  • You can no longer buy Phoenix Downs from shops. They are dropped by various enemies as loot, instead. Refer to the read me for the best drop rates.
  • Drastically increased the drop rates for enemy loot. The ultimate weapons/armor still have low rates, though, cause they are awesome.
  • Shops have smaller inventories.
  • The caravan sells plus items, but at high prices. This is for the end-game, when you earn lots of gil.
  • Renamed a few enemies/items/spells/equipment/stuff. Redid a lot of item descriptions, as well.
  • Many other small things; re-balancing stuff, etc.
  • For more info, please read the read me. It’s like a miniature guide to the many changes.

Ludmeister’s Mod of Balance Features:

  • HP and MP caps increased from 999 to 9999.
  • Stat caps increased from 99 to 255.
  • Number of hits and Magic Defense are displayed in the character status screen.
  • Hit rate cap removed so characters can hit more times per attack.
  • Increased exp required for leveling up.
  • Stat-boosting spell stacks are capped at 50, instead of 255. (spells like Temper and Protect)
  • Dia spells now affect undead and evil foes.
  • Added enemy encounters to Astos’ castle.
  • A few other minor changes to the game’s mechanics/formulae. You can read about them in Ludmeister’s mod description.

Set-up Instructions:

  • 1: Download Ludmeister’s Mod of Balance 2.2 version. The file version at says version 3.0, but it includes version 2.2 in the same package. You can also download 2.2 from Ludmeister’s website, as well.
  • 2: Next, apply the 2.2 Mod of Balance patch to a clean Dawn of Souls rom. Download LunarIPS to apply the patch.
  • 3: After you apply Ludmeister’s 2.2 Mod of Balance, apply my hack on top of that same rom.
  • 4: Done!

It’s very important that you first apply Mod of Balance version 2.2, before applying my hack. If you try to apply my hack to a clean rom, there will be many item/magic bugs, and other weird things. If you can buy Genji Armor in Cornelia’s armor shop, you didn’t patch it right. ;) Also, another way to see if you patched it correctly is check your starting gil for a new game. It should be 300 gil. The reason for the glitches is because ludmeister made a lot of changes to various pointers. So my hack relies on that, and even changes them further in a couple of instances.

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