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Project II: Final Fantasy IV

Hack of Final Fantasy II


Project II: Final Fantasy IV is an extensive script rewrite of Final Fantasy II for Super Nintendo, made largely with Pinkpuff and friends’ FF4kster. Everyone knows that when FFII was released in 1991, it came with a terribly shoddy script. Through the years, Final Fantasy IV has received many rewrites and re-translations, but nearly all ports of the game have had loading problems, lag, and sound issues in the midst of all the good. Adding to that, there are many enhancement and bug fix patches that are only available on the English Super NES version of the game! These facts are what started the long but ultimately fruitful task of creating this mod.

“Why not just play J2e’s patch?”, you may ask. It’s a little-known fact, but J2e’s translation of this game is rife with awkward hacking, strange phrasing, and over-the-top references. Project II’s goal was to stay truer to the official release.

With Project II, enter the Crusade for the Crystals once more, for an all-new experience!


  • An entirely rewritten script, taking elements from various translations of Final Fantasy IV!
  • Restored missing content! Use Pray, Salve, and Recall, find SomaDrops and Firebombs in chests, and cast Shell!
  • An all-new title screen by Paladin!
  • Every spell has an in-battle use thanks to Dragonsbrethren and Deathlike2!
  • Buffed-up battle commands! Regen heals 160 HP per round, Cry lowers Magic Defense!
  • Reverted censored map graphics!
  • Various bug fixes!
  • Sirens can be bought from an end-game shop!
  • Supplementary lists for your enjoyment!
  • …And many more changes! See the readme for detailed information.

Please enjoy Project II!

Note: If the player has not updated their version of Project II from v1.00, they are very much encouraged to install the latest version.

For those looking for a more modern take on terms used in-game and are also looking to see the original maps, enemy difficulty, and title screen restored, feel free to check out Final Fantasy IV: Namingway Edition by Rodimus Primal.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name: Final Fantasy II (USA) (Rev 1).sfc
  • Size: 1 MB (1,049,088 bytes)
  • SHA-1: F4F277AB9BD29D6D89D906C5CBD92B59B9B4A23F
  • MD5: 1BDC679BC9090881D102FF7E086B7E38
  • CRC32: A1ED8333




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Grimoire LDHackingBug fixes to author's work
PinkpuffHackingBug fixes to author's work
PaladinGraphicsTitle screen creation
Deathlike2HackingBug fixes and enhancements
Phoenix HacksHackingEnhancements
Dragoon ZEROHackingBug fix
Rodimus PrimalHackingNamingway Edition addendum

User Review Information

User Reviews
Good inspiration for the next version of Playable Golbez Edition!thepatrickinator15 Mar 20162.13Yes
At last!tacodaemon25 May 2015N/AYes
Let's go!Spooniest25 Nov 2013N/AYes