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Final Fantasy VI Advance Font Facelift

Hack of Final Fantasy VI Advance


Just like its predecessor, the menu font of Final Fantasy VI Advance (PAL) has uneven letters sourced from different variants of this typeface. Further, players have found the small font difficult to read when played on real hardware. Therefore, this package of two patches was created.

  • SLIM beautifies the original thin font while keeping the original letter width, resulting in better-looking text while ensuring from none of the languages spill from window constraints.
  • THICK is aimed at English-speakers only. Certain letters are widened as in the NTSC-U release, perfectly enhancing readability for the English text while causing spillovers in every other language.
  • Both patches also redesign the in-battle HP/MP display so they match the menu font.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Final Fantasy VI Advance (E) (Eternity).GBA
  • CRC32: D15DEBA5
  • MD5: 7F6BF3B4D84F113AA454136E5B53FD77
  • SHA1: C5B27ED0870EA64E6A001C5BC367F76571ACE973



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Out of all font patch this one is the best.IAMNOTRANA07 Nov 20210.5Yes