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Final Fantasy Legend II

Game Boy

Game Description:


The symbol of great power. The legacy of the ancient gods who made this world.

Many fought for the mighty power. Some won and some failed.

Now…. another legend of bravery is about to begin….”

The second installment in the SaGa franchise expands upon the gameplay concepts introduced in the first, introducing a fourth playable class and featuring even more worlds and character abilities.

The legendary Magi, relics containing great power, lie scattered across the worlds. Setting out in search of their errant father, a young adventurer and their friends soon find themselves racing nefarious forces to acquire the Magi, lest their powers be turned to wicked ends…


1 Utility
saga2editGame Specific11 Apr 2021

2 Translations
Final Fantasy Legend II (PT)Fully Playable18 Mar 2010
Final Fantasy Legend II (DE)Fully Playable31 Mar 2006

5 Hacks
GBATemp Legend IIComplete01 Sep 2019
Final Fantasy Legend II Text UpdateImprovement10 Jan 2023
Final Fantasy Legend II Text CleanupImprovement19 Dec 2013
Delocalisation & Restoration of Final Fantasy Legend II to SaGa 2Improvement14 Nov 2010
neoFFL2 v6-000AImprovement11 Aug 2021