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    Unfortunately there's been a little problem with the patch for disc no. 1. The problem is fixed now and everything works as it should. We're sorry for the circumstances.
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Parasite Eve


Game Description:

Parasite Eve is a action role playing game for the PlayStation.


1 Utility
Parasite Eve translation toolsGame Specific26 Sep 2015

6 Translations
Parasite Eve (DE)Fully Playable15 May 2021
Parasite Eve (ES)Fully Playable08 Mar 2016
Parasite Eve (ZH)Addendum14 Oct 2011
Parasite Eve (ES)Fully Playable18 Nov 2007
Parasite Eve (IT)Fully Playable20 Mar 2004
Parasite Eve (ZH)Fully Playable21 Aug 2000

1 Hack
Parasite Eve Font HackImprovement05 Mar 2021