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Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Nintendo’s version of Tetris for the NES/Famicom. Unlike the Tengen version, this game only supports one player (by default).


4 Translations
Tetris (ES)Fully Playable19 Feb 2019
Tetris (PT)Fully Playable03 Jan 2016
Tetris (TR)Fully Playable29 Jun 2011
Tetris (NL)Fully Playable03 Aug 2002

18 Hacks
Tetris Neon ColorsImprovement09 Oct 2021
Tetris - Restore Title Screen ThemeImprovement12 Aug 2021
ThreetrisComplete20 Mar 2021
Tetris Electronika60Complete22 Feb 2021
Valentines Day TetrisComplete12 Feb 2021
Tetris - Two Player ModImprovement23 Jan 2021
Tetris - Actually Useful Statistics (TAUS)Improvement23 Jan 2021
Controller input displayImprovement16 Jan 2021
MeditatrisImprovement12 Dec 2020
Simple DAS TrainerImprovement23 Oct 2020