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Pokémon: Ruby Version

Game Boy Advance

Game Description:

Pokémon: Ruby Version is a role playing game for the Game Boy Advance.


1 Translation
Pokémon: Ruby Version (AR)Unfinished30 Aug 2006

14 Hacks
Pokemon Ruby Soaring Mod ImprovementImprovement01 Apr 2021
Pokémon: Ruby - Festa 2002 Demo RecreationComplete07 Nov 2020
Pokemon Ultra Quartz - Lets Go! BlobbosAddendum18 Jun 2018
Pokemon Ruby - RTC Clock & Font PatchImprovement12 Mar 2013
Pokemon - Battle FireComplete06 Jan 2008
Pokemon - TopazComplete28 Oct 2008
Pokemon Ruby Destiny III - Life of GuardiansComplete01 Jan 2007
Pokemon Ruby Destiny II - Rescue RangersComplete01 Jan 2007
Pokemon Ruby Destiny I - Reign Of LegendsComplete13 Jul 2013
Pokemon - SnakewoodComplete13 Jul 2013