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Shining Force II

Sega Genesis

Game Description:

Shining Force II is a turn based strategy game for the Sega Genesis.


2 Utilities
Shining Force 2 EditorGame Specific07 Apr 2019
The CaravanGame Specific13 Jul 2009

1 Translation
Shining Force II (KO)Fully Playable06 Jun 2013

8 Hacks
Shining Force 2 War of the GodsComplete06 Sep 2019
Shining Force 2 CounteractionComplete14 Jul 2019
Shining Tactics Steam EditionComplete30 Sep 2018
Shining Force II MaesonComplete11 Jan 2017
Shining Force II - Gong editionComplete25 Nov 2016
Shining Force II - Cheaters EditionImprovement15 Jan 2012
Shining TacticsComplete27 Sep 2010
Shining Force 2, Challenge ModeComplete27 May 2008