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Pokémon: Silver Version

Game Boy

Game Description:

Pokémon: Silver Version is a role playing game for the Game Boy Color.


2 Translations
Pokémon: Silver Version (PT)Fully Playable15 Dec 2001
Pokémon: Silver Version (SV)Fully Playable21 Sep 2004

7 Hacks
Pokémon Silver - All Glitches FixedBug Fix18 May 2022
Pokémon Silver Full RestorationImprovement09 Feb 2022
Pokemon ArgentumImprovement04 Dec 2020
Pokemon Silver RTC ChangerImprovement06 Apr 2019
Pokemon Silver - Time ChangerImprovement02 Dec 2013
Pokémon Pure SilverImprovement02 Jul 2011
Pokémon Silver RestorationImprovement19 Mar 2011