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Pokémon: Red Version

Game Boy

Game Description:

Pokémon: Red Version is a role playing game for the Game Boy.

In this game, you are tasked to become the strongest Pokémon trainer while trying to collect all of the different Pokémon in your region.


1 Document
Pokemon Red Tileset ConfigurationMiscellaneous09 Oct 2009

7 Translations
Pokémon: Red Version (AR)Unfinished09 Aug 2019
Pokémon: Red Version (GA)Fully Playable10 Jun 2023
Pokémon: Red Version (SV)Fully Playable01 Jun 2023
Pokémon: Red Version (ES)Fully Playable19 Sep 2021
Pokémon: Red Version (KO)Fully Playable16 Mar 2020
Pokémon: Red Version (ES)Fully Playable28 Jun 2022
Pokémon: Red Version (PT)Fully Playable26 Nov 1999

37 Hacks
Pokemon RGB: Character SelectionImprovement22 Sep 2023
Shin PokemonImprovement24 Sep 2023
Yellow Version SpritesImprovement14 Jul 2023
Baldi's Basics In Education and Learning (GBC Edition)Complete24 Sep 2023
Pokemon Carmine RedComplete26 Apr 2023
Pokémon Ed. Roja/Azul Full Color - Spanish VersionImprovement07 Nov 2022
Pokemon Red Full Color Hack - German VersionImprovement18 Aug 2022
Star Beasts - Meteor VersionComplete01 Dec 2022
Original Blaine RestorationImprovement12 Jul 2022
Pokemon Red DefinedImprovement22 Jan 2022