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Batman: The Video Game

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Batman is an action platformer game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Based on the titular movie.


1 Utility
BatDanceLevel Editors31 Dec 2007

6 Translations
Batman: The Video Game (ES)Fully Playable03 Dec 2022
Batman: The Video Game (ES)Fully Playable19 Feb 2019
Batman: The Video Game (DE)Fully Playable10 Sep 2010
Batman: The Video Game (FR)Fully Playable04 Apr 2006
Batman: The Video Game (SV)Fully Playable08 Aug 1999
Batman: The Video Game (ES)Fully Playable13 May 2006

12 Hacks
Batman The Movie - SNES pad compatibleImprovement22 May 2021
Batman: The Junkyard ChallengeComplete09 Jan 2021
The CrowComplete04 Mar 2020
SherlockComplete01 Mar 2020
Batman - how it should have beenImprovement03 Jan 2019
Batman: The Dark KnightComplete24 Jan 2020
Batman - Playable Ezio from Assassin's CreedImprovement30 Oct 2016
Batman - Tweaked EditionImprovement04 Jan 2016
Batman SimplifiedImprovement16 May 2015
Batman Color FixImprovement12 Apr 2005