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Super Mario All-Stars

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Super Mario All-Stars is an updated SNES collection of the four Super Mario Bros. games.


2 Documents
The Huge Super Mario Bros. 3 Data for Super NESGame Specific01 Jan 2005
SMB3 Level DataGame Specific15 Apr 2006

1 Utility
Smb2SmcGame Specific28 Nov 2007

3 Translations
Super Mario All-Stars (PT)Fully Playable26 Dec 2022
Super Mario All-Stars (ES)Fully Playable11 Sep 2019
Super Mario All-Stars (FR)Fully Playable09 Sep 2008

10 Hacks
SMAS SMB/LL Brick Fix (NTSC/PAL)Bug Fix10 Nov 2022
Super Mario All-Stars - Button Color HackImprovement29 Sep 2022
Super Mario All-Stars CensoredImprovement08 Nov 2020
SMAS Improvement HackImprovement03 Oct 2020
Spiny Egg Behavior Fix for SMB1 and Lost LevelsBug Fix12 Dec 2016
SMB1/LL Switched Overall ColoursImprovement12 Mar 2016
SMB3J Damage SystemImprovement19 Mar 2012
Super Mario Bros 1 SMAS - NESisedImprovement16 Oct 2009
SMB1 Instant Kill Block Type 1Improvement28 Jul 2006
SMAS SMB/Lost Levels Brick FixBug Fix26 Oct 2006