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Super Mario Land

Game Boy

Game Description:

Princess Daisy of Sarasaland has been kidnapped by Tatanga. Mario must traverse the four worlds to save Princess Daisy and Sarasaland.


1 Document
Frank15’s Super Mario Land NotesGame Specific28 May 2007

1 Utility
Land ForgerLevel Editors04 Jun 2016

5 Translations
Super Mario Land (AR)Fully Playable01 Jan 2012
Super Mario Land (PL)Fully Playable10 Dec 2017
Super Mario Land (ES)Fully Playable30 Jun 2018
Super Mario Land (IT)Fully Playable14 Dec 2001
Super Mario Land (PT)Fully Playable20 Mar 2000

18 Hacks
Super Mario Land - TimelinesComplete16 Jun 2022
Super Mario Land - Sound Improvement ModImprovement21 Apr 2022
Super Daisy LandImprovement15 Oct 2008
Super Mario Land DX modAddendum08 Mar 2021
Wario in Super Mario LandImprovement24 Jun 2021
Super Mario Land, Pier EditionComplete22 Apr 2021
Super Mario Land - Hard ModeImprovement02 Jul 2020
Super Larion LandImprovement21 Jun 2020
Super Mario Land DXImprovement20 Apr 2022
Super Luigi LandImprovement21 Apr 2019