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Final Fantasy VI Advance

Game Boy Advance

Game Description:

Final Fantasy VI Advance is a role playing game for the Game Boy Advance.


1 Utility
FF6 Advance - Characters StatusGame Specific30 Nov 2021

1 Translation
Final Fantasy VI Advance (TH)Fully Playable08 Aug 2007

20 Hacks
Stray FlashBug Fix13 Apr 2022
Block/Dodge/Parry Animation Types FixBug Fix17 Nov 2021
Final Fantasy VI Advance - Minus Pop-Culture ReferencesImprovement12 Feb 2023
FFVI Advance - Worthwhile EspersImprovement09 Sep 2020
FF6A (USA) Font ModificationImprovement27 Aug 2019
Leveled OutBug Fix27 Feb 2018
Wrong Way, Idiot!Bug Fix03 Nov 2016
Auction Chocobo FixBug Fix27 Oct 2016
Tritoch Animation FixBug Fix02 Nov 2016
Final Fantasy VI Rage FixBug Fix10 Sep 2016