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Final Fantasy V Advance

Game Boy Advance

Game Description:

Final Fantasy V Advance is a role playing game for the Game Boy Advance.

The game is a port of the Final Fantasy series’ fifth entry, which was originally released in 1992. It offers an improved translation over the PS1 version, as well as a more modern UI and additional late/post-game content.

The game’s story and visuals are rather generic. Its main draw lies in its Job System which features over 20 classes whose abilities can be mixed and matched as desired. This allows for many different styles of play and unexpected levels of tactical depth.


2 Utilities
Final Fantasy V Advance EditorGame Specific09 Sep 2009
Final Fantasy V EditorGame Specific14 Nov 2012

1 Translation
Final Fantasy V Advance (AR)Fully Playable26 Jun 2020

11 Hacks
FFV Advance GBA DifficultyImprovement07 Oct 2022
Final Fantasy V Advance: Ian's Balance HackImprovement02 Jun 2023
Final Fantasy V Advance Music Player names fixBug Fix09 Jun 2022
Final Fantasy V Advance Color Restoration and ImprovementImprovement18 May 2022
FF5A (USA) Font ModificationImprovement27 Aug 2019
Final Fantasy V Advance Font FaceliftImprovement04 Oct 2021
Final Fantasy V Advance new sprites hackImprovement21 Dec 2020
Final Fantasy V Advance Very Large Menu FontImprovement08 May 2017
Custom Classes Spellblade FixAddendum20 May 2016
FF5a: Custom ClassesImprovement11 Jan 2012