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Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

It’s you against the evil Mother Brain in the thrilling battle of Metroid! You’re inside the fortress planet Zebes. The planet of endless secret passageways where the Metroid are multiplying. Left alone the Metroid are harmless. But in the wrong hands they could destroy the galaxy. It’s up to you to prevent the Mother Brain that controls Zebes from using the Metroid for evil purposes. But that won’t be easy. You’ll have to use your spacesuit to absorb valuable energy for your search to gain the use of power items like the Ice Beam, Wave Beam, High Jump Boots and Varia. If you survive, it will be you and your acquired powers against the Mother Brain.


5 Documents
Metroid (NES) Music FormatAudio Hacking07 Jun 2022
Metroid Source Code ExpandedGame Specific29 Mar 2010
Metroid Source CodeSource Code01 Jan 1986
FCEUd, Tutorial #1 (Hacking Character Stats)Assembly01 Jan 2003
Metroid Password Format GuideGame Specific01 Jan 2005

9 Utilities
MetrandomizerGame Specific09 Aug 2020
Nestroid RandomizerGame Specific24 Jan 2017
Metroid 1 item randomizer 2.0Game Specific20 Dec 2016
Metroid + Saving Map EditorGame Specific15 Mar 2013
Metroid TunerSound29 Jan 2012
Metroid Password GeneratorGame Specific07 Oct 2008
Metroid Password GeneratorGame Specific16 Dec 2008
EditroidLevel Editors06 Jan 2014
MetEditLevel Editors31 Dec 1969

6 Translations
Metroid (FR)Fully Playable21 Dec 2020
Metroid (PL)Fully Playable26 Feb 2020
Metroid (ES)Fully Playable17 Dec 2021
Metroid (AR)Fully Playable10 Apr 2019
Metroid (JA)Fully Playable21 Feb 2006
Metroid (FR)Fully Playable02 Sep 2007

55 Hacks
METROID: Fused FacilityComplete26 Apr 2023
Metroid Fusion - NES VersionComplete11 Jan 2023
Metroid BlueComplete06 Jan 2023
Metroid (USA) Music Table PatchImprovement07 Jun 2022
JunkoidComplete18 Apr 2022
Metroid Confrontation_NESComplete02 Aug 2017
Metroid Ridley X Hack 2Complete14 Sep 2021
bethComplete02 Mar 2021
Super MochtroidImprovement18 Oct 2020
Metroid FDS RNG for NES versionImprovement28 Sep 2020