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Mega Man X3

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Mega Man X3 is an action platformer game for the Super Nintendo. In Japan, the game was originally released under the title Rockman X3.


1 Document
Mega Man X3 Decompression RoutineGame Specific31 Jan 2016

2 Utilities
GraphiX 3Miscellaneous Graphics Tools20 Jul 2008
MegaMan FX-3Level Editors10 Nov 2004

9 Translations
Mega Man X3 (EN)Fully Playable21 Oct 2020
Mega Man X3 (ES)Fully Playable01 Oct 2020
Mega Man X3 (EN)Fully Playable05 Jan 2020
Mega Man X3 (PT)Fully Playable26 Oct 2019
Mega Man X3 (ES)Addendum21 Apr 2021
Mega Man X3 (DE)Fully Playable11 Jun 2017
Mega Man X3 (ID)Fully Playable05 Jul 2015
Mega Man X3 (ES)Fully Playable07 Jan 2014
Mega Man X3 (FR)Fully Playable17 Mar 2007

15 Hacks
Rockman X3 - 2022 New Year's HackComplete01 Jan 2022
Rockman X3 - 2021 New Year's HackComplete12 Feb 2021
Mega Man X3: Zero Project v4.0 + No armor GFXImprovement15 Jul 2020
MegaManX3 - No armor GFXImprovement17 Jul 2020
Mega Man X3 - Sound TestImprovement05 Jul 2020
Mega Man X3 Relocalization AddendumAddendum26 Sep 2020
Mega Man X3 RelocalizationImprovement05 Jan 2020
Mega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.0 (Translated to Brazilian Portuguese)Addendum26 Oct 2019
Mega Man X3: Proto EditionImprovement25 Sep 2019
Mega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.4 (Base Mod & Source)Improvement17 Apr 2021