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Ninja Gaiden

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Ninja Gaiden is an action platformer game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


1 Document
How to find & edit enemy health with FCEUXDAssembly14 May 2008

1 Utility
NinJaxLevel Editors30 Nov 2008

12 Translations
Ninja Gaiden (ES)Fully Playable24 Jul 2021
Ninja Gaiden (PL)Fully Playable19 Jul 2021
Ninja Gaiden (FI)Fully Playable17 Jun 2021
Ninja Gaiden (ID)Fully Playable26 Jul 2019
Ninja Gaiden (ES)Addendum10 Aug 2016
Ninja Gaiden (ES)Fully Playable03 Nov 2015
Ninja Gaiden (ES)Fully Playable07 Dec 2009
Ninja Gaiden (AR)Fully Playable05 Nov 2009
Ninja Gaiden (RU)Fully Playable07 Nov 2004
Ninja Gaiden (FR)Fully Playable31 Aug 2001

17 Hacks
Ninja Gaiden - Death CounterImprovement19 Mar 2022
Ninja Gaiden MMC5 PatchImprovement31 Oct 2021
Ninja Gaiden Stage & Difficulty SelectImprovement28 Oct 2021
Ninja Gaiden - Deadly Duel EditionComplete05 Jul 2021
Ninja Gaiden Hadokoa SakusenComplete24 Jun 2021
Ninja Gaiden - SNES "Next Act" ThemeImprovement01 Jun 2021
Deadpool Hardcore EditionComplete03 Apr 2021
Ninja Gaiden Restoration + Optional Free MovementImprovement28 Mar 2021
Ninja Gaiden - Dragon ScrollComplete15 Mar 2020
DeadpoolComplete08 Oct 2019