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Rockman Battle & Fighters

Neo-Geo Pocket Color

Game Description:

This is a conversion of the two Rock Man (Mega Man) arcade games: Rock Man the Power Battle, and Rock Man the Power Fighters which explains the “Battle and Fighters” in the title there. These were both “boss rush” games which pit the player against robot masters from the first seven classic games without any platforming or levels to break up the pace. It was one of the few Mega Man games to be released exclusively in Japan. It has new features over the arcade games, with the most notable being a database with 36 robot master entries in addition to the 7 main characters. However, there is no longer any multiplayer beyond the database transfer.


3 Translations
Rockman Battle & Fighters (EN)Fully Playable04 Jun 2022
Rockman Battle & Fighters (EN)Unfinished15 Oct 2018
Rockman Battle & Fighters (EN)Unfinished10 Aug 2000