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Rush'n Attack

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Up for a little guerilla warfare? You asked for it. You’re behind enemy lines, armed with only a knife and a mission: to free dozens of POWs hidden in an isolated, well-armored camp. If you’re good, you’ll pick off the heavily-armed enemy guerillas, one by one, and grab their bazookas and hand grenades. If you’re great, you’ll turn their weapons against them, to blow away a pack of attack dogs, a fleet of choppers, and a whole battalion of guards. But make one mistake, and it’s all over. For you, our POWs… the future of the Free World!


1 Utility
Trip'n SlipLevel Editors30 Mar 2004

4 Translations
Rush'n Attack (PT)Fully Playable03 Mar 2023
Rush'n Attack (RU)Fully Playable02 Mar 2021
Rush'n Attack (ES)Fully Playable09 Jan 2021
Rush'n Attack (SV)Fully Playable20 Dec 2000

6 Hacks
Green Beret - FDS to NESImprovement01 Mar 2023
Green Beret (NES)Improvement21 Feb 2006
Rush'n Attack EasyImprovement01 Jan 2019
Rush 'n Attack - Jump ButtonImprovement26 Mar 2017
Rush'n Attack - 2008 EditionComplete01 Jan 2008
Rush’n Attack GComplete14 May 2006