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Mega Man

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

The Mega Man series is iconic for its amazing stages of perilous platforming, shooting enemies with your arm cannon, stealing weapons from the robot masters, and using them as another’s weakness!

The unique trait about the Mega Man series was that you could pick which stage started with, and do the robot master stages in any order! Each robot master has a stage you have to complete, and at the end, you fight the robot master. Some are super easy to beat, and others are downright impossible! (That’s why you use their weakness).

After you defeat all the robot masters, it’s on to the Wily stages! The main enemy of the game is Dr. Albert Wily.


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Mega Man Sound DisassemblyGame Specific27 Sep 2010
Mega Man DisassemblyGame Specific19 Sep 2010
Mega Man Title Screen Sound CodeGame Specific27 Sep 2010
Mega Man Title Screen ChartGraphics Hacking19 May 2007
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2 Utilities
MegaMan Text EditorGame Specific19 Nov 2016
Rock and RollLevel Editors02 Aug 2005

15 Translations
Mega Man (DE)Fully Playable22 Feb 2022
Mega Man (FI)Fully Playable31 May 2021
Mega Man (ES)Fully Playable22 Apr 2021
Mega Man (GL)Fully Playable28 Feb 2021
Mega Man (ES)Fully Playable30 Dec 2020
Mega Man (PT)Fully Playable07 Jun 2011
Mega Man (PT)Fully Playable07 Apr 2020
Mega Man (PL)Fully Playable01 Mar 2020
Mega Man (PL)Unfinished19 Aug 2019
Mega Man (ID)Fully Playable03 Dec 2018

51 Hacks
Mega Man - Restore Health with Score Points and Instant GlitchImprovement28 Sep 2023
Megaman - RushJet1 musicImprovement19 Aug 2023
Megaman 1 - The New Lands RemasteredComplete27 Mar 2023
Murder Drones (Mega Man)Complete21 Oct 2022
Mega WomanImprovement13 Aug 2022
Mega Man Remastered MMC3 FixComplete26 Jul 2022
Mega Man Ultra ChallengeComplete13 Jun 2022
Megaman 1 - Speed BomberComplete31 Oct 2022
Mega Man 1 HelmetlessImprovement03 Mar 2022
Mega Man - No ScoreImprovement08 Jan 2022