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Super Mario Kart

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

The first Mario Kart game ever. There are four cups to race each with 5 tracks a-piece. Excellent multiplayer game. Co-op or versus.


6 Utilities
Epic EditLevel Editors09 Feb 2022
MAKELevel Editors13 Oct 2008
SMK MashupGame Specific20 Apr 2008
MK ItemsGame Specific08 May 2007
Track DesignerGame Specific28 May 2002
MKeditGame Specific21 May 2002

1 Translation
Super Mario Kart (ES)Unfinished01 Oct 2020

99 Hacks
Super Mario Kart - Music RestorationImprovement10 Aug 2022
Super Mario Kart Summer CES '92Complete05 Sep 2022
Super HitCombo Kart - Snowland CityComplete17 May 2022
Super Retro KartComplete16 Oct 2022
Super Mario Kart - Expert QuestComplete09 Feb 2022
Super HitCombo Kart- Snowland Version 2.0Complete15 Jan 2022
Super Mario Kart Featuring Retro HD & CDXComplete19 Nov 2022
Mega Kart RetroComplete02 Jan 2022
Super Mario Kart Featuring Retro HD & FriendsComplete01 Nov 2022
Super Mario Kart - Improved Sound SamplesImprovement09 Dec 2021