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Mega Man 6

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Mega Man 6 is a platforming game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

A robot battle tournament was held by the mysterious billionaire Mr. X. Eight Robot Masters from around the globe was invited to participate. But during the event, they went berserk and commandeered by Mr. X declaring his intent to rule over the world. With plot seems familiar, Mega Man decided to stop Mr. X like what he did with Dr. Wily, who mysteriously went missing.

A new support feature for Mega Man is added, namely Rush the robo dog fuses with Mega Man to form Power Mega Man, a wall-busting armor, and Jet Mega Man, a short flight ability armor.


1 Document
Mega Man 6 Enemy IDsMiscellaneous21 May 2003

2 Utilities
Rockman 6 EditorLevel Editors25 Sep 2008
SixtansLevel Editors31 Mar 2002

11 Translations
Mega Man 6 (ZH)Fully Playable21 Jun 2021
Mega Man 6 (FI)Fully Playable07 Jun 2021
Mega Man 6 (ES)Fully Playable02 May 2021
Mega Man 6 (ES)Addendum01 Jan 2021
Mega Man 6 (EN)Addendum08 Dec 2020
Mega Man 6 (PL)Fully Playable21 Feb 2020
Mega Man 6 (EN)Fully Playable12 May 2019
Mega Man 6 (ES)Fully Playable31 Oct 2017
Mega Man 6 (TL)Fully Playable20 Apr 2014
Mega Man 6 (RU)Fully Playable01 Jan 2010

27 Hacks
Rockman 6 - AYCNN 2022 hackComplete12 Apr 2022
Rockman 6: After TournamentComplete01 Mar 2022
Mega Man 6: HelmetlessImprovement28 Feb 2022
Rockman 6 - Start with AdaptorsImprovement23 Feb 2021
Rockman 6: Wonder LawComplete05 Nov 2020
Rockman 6 - Slide fixImprovement01 Jul 2020
Rockman 6: Unique HarassmentComplete14 Jun 2020
MM6 - Charge Shot Sound Fade OutImprovement14 Apr 2020
Rockman 6: Shadow GameComplete13 Dec 2019
Refill Weapon after DeathImprovement24 Oct 2019