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Mega Man 3

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Mega Man 3 is a platforming game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Retaining the gameplay from previous Mega Man games, Mega Man 3 has newer gimmicks, like additional 4 Doc Robot stages after defeating 8 Robot Masters, E-cans that replenishes health to 100%, and a new companion support robo dog named Rush.

Believing Dr. Wily giving up on his desires for world domination, Dr. Light teamed up with him and constructed a giant peacekeeping robot named Gamma. But in order for Gamma to be operational, they need rare elements found in neighboring planets. Then one day, Dr. Wily’s Robot Masters seized control of the planets, declaring once again his conquest or world domination.

Mega Man is tasked to stop the Robot Masters, however, a mysterious red robot known as Break Man tries to hinder him.


1 Document
Mega Man III Hacking DocumentsGame Specific04 Mar 2016

5 Utilities
Mega Man 3 Text EditorGame Specific27 Mar 2016
Mega Man 3 Editor (MM3Edit)Level Editors31 Dec 2008
Rockman 3 EditorLevel Editors22 Feb 2009
Megaman 3 Text EditorGame Specific01 Jan 2006
Mega-Edit 3Level Editors24 Oct 2000

12 Translations
Mega Man 3 (ID)Fully Playable05 Jan 2023
Mega Man 3 (FI)Fully Playable31 May 2021
Mega Man 3 (ES)Addendum23 Apr 2021
Mega Man 3 (AR)Fully Playable03 Jul 2019
Mega Man 3 (PT)Fully Playable23 May 2020
Mega Man 3 (PL)Fully Playable04 Apr 2020
Mega Man 3 (ES)Fully Playable31 Oct 2017
Mega Man 3 (RU)Fully Playable01 Jan 2009
Mega Man 3 (ES)Fully Playable11 Mar 2023
Mega Man 3 (ES)Fully Playable06 Aug 2017

71 Hacks
MegankreuzstiletteComplete03 Jun 2023
Mega Man 3 - Screw Crusher PatchComplete16 May 2023
Mega Man 3 - MM6 Weapon Get Sprite PatchComplete12 May 2023
Rockman 3 JIComplete09 Nov 2022
Mega Man 3 - JP-Style Title Screen for ImprovementAddendum03 Apr 2022
Mega Man 3 (JP-style Title Screen improved)Addendum22 Mar 2022
Mega Man 3 HelmetlessImprovement03 Mar 2022
Rockman 3 - Nerfed SpikesImprovement03 Jul 2016
Mega Man at the Tokyo OlympicsComplete22 Aug 2021
Megaman 3 Japanese Style Title Screen Update v2.22Improvement21 Dec 2020