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Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Castlevania is an action platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Known in Japan as Akumajou Dracula (”Demon Castle Dracula”), this game is about a clan of vampire hunters known as the Belmonts hunting down and killing Dracula himself.

You play as Simon Belmont, and fight your way through Dracula’s castle (known in English as “Castlevania”, a portmanteau of Castle and Transylvania, har har). You have many weapons at your disposal. Your main weapon, the Vampire Killer whip has somehow been passed down through the Belmont clan for generations. You can get power ups for that (essentially changing it from a leather whip, to a short chain, and longer chain whip). You also have many sub-weapons, which require hearts to use. These include a knife, throwing axe, holy water, cross boomerang and stopwatch (which freezes all enemies on screen). You can only throw one of these in a certain period of time, unless you get the “II” and “III” powerups.


2 Documents
Castlevania Enemy DataGame Specific02 Oct 2007
Castlevania Music FormatGame Specific10 Nov 2011

6 Utilities
IPS to SPF ConvertorGame Specific03 Jan 2004
Castlevania Pointer CorrectorGame Specific03 Jan 2004
StakeLevel Editors01 Feb 2004
CV1EditLevel Editors31 Dec 1969
Castlevania Level TwisterLevel Editors01 May 2002
Castlevania Castle ConstructorLevel Editors12 Mar 2001

5 Translations
Castlevania (PL)Fully Playable13 Sep 2020
Castlevania (ID)Fully Playable07 Jan 2019
Castlevania (IT)Fully Playable04 Feb 2014
Castlevania (ES)Fully Playable19 Mar 2012
Castlevania (PT)Fully Playable25 May 2000

61 Hacks
Castlevania - The Last TearComplete23 Feb 2023
Castlevania Retold IIComplete17 Sep 2022
Castlevania: Dark EmphasisImprovement05 Apr 2022
Castlevania: Caress Of DeathComplete31 Mar 2022
Castlevania - Death CounterImprovement14 Mar 2022
Castlevania Undead Serious RedemptionComplete10 Sep 2022
Castlevania Red StainedImprovement07 Oct 2022
Castlevania Alternate VersionComplete08 Jan 2022
Castlevania Shattered MemoriesImprovement17 Jan 2022
Kaizo VaniaImprovement21 Oct 2020