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Adventures of Lolo

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Adventures of Lolo is a puzzle game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


3 Utilities
Adventures of Lolo: Password generatorGame Specific01 Dec 2008
NeptuneLevel Editors21 Aug 2007
HALedLevel Editors13 Oct 2002

2 Translations
Adventures of Lolo (ES)Fully Playable27 Jan 2019
Adventures of Lolo (RO)Fully Playable10 Dec 2005

8 Hacks
Adventures of LalaComplete21 May 2023
Adventures of lolo 1 QoL ImprovementsImprovement09 May 2023
The Legend of LalaComplete27 Apr 2023
The Quest of LalaComplete06 Sep 2017
Adventures of Lolo - MMC1 to MMC3Improvement26 Nov 2013
Adventures of Lolo: Mystical ForestComplete22 Jul 2002
Adventures of lolo 1x3Improvement26 Feb 2014
Challenging LoloComplete26 Oct 2004