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Super Metroid

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Super Metroid is an action adventure game for the Super Nintendo.


3 Documents
Super Metroid Mod ManualGame Specific13 Feb 2016
Super Metroid CompressionGame Specific10 Nov 2011
Super Metroid SRAM DocumentGame Specific01 Jan 2005

6 Utilities
SMILE RFGame Specific12 Jun 2017
Super Metroid EditorGame Specific04 May 2014
SMILE JXGame Specific16 Oct 2013
Super Metroid FX EditorGame Specific11 Aug 2012
SMILE (Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor)Level Editors23 Sep 2009
Samus Aran Beauty SalonGame Specific27 Feb 2001

2 Translations
Super Metroid (IT)Fully Playable31 Oct 2021
Super Metroid (FR)Fully Playable26 Dec 2020

128 Hacks
Super Metroid ReduxImprovement24 May 2022
Dying with Dignity (Player Sprite Edit)Improvement06 Apr 2022
Super Metroid Turbo!Improvement09 Dec 2021
Super Duper MetroidComplete04 Dec 2021
Super Metroid - Echo Buffer RelocationBug Fix09 Oct 2021
Metroid: SUPER-SPEED Zero MissionAddendum16 Sep 2021
Super Metroid - Y-Faster 2 FuriousComplete03 Jul 2021
Samus Combat ArmorImprovement02 Apr 2021
Super Kill Time - AddendumAddendum02 Jul 2020
Metroid Legacy - AddendumAddendum20 Jun 2020