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Super Mario World

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Super Mario World is a side-scrolling platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo.


2 Documents
The Way to Get GFX From Other Games Into Your SMW-HackGame Specific03 Jan 2003
Lunar Magic Class 3 - Overworld EditingGame Specific09 Dec 2002

4 Utilities
Lunar MagicLevel Editors21 Oct 2020
Super Mario World Hdma SuiteGame Specific06 Sep 2005
Block ToolGame Specific02 Nov 2003
OverEditGame Specific01 Jan 2001

18 Translations
Super Mario World (CA)Fully Playable24 Dec 2020
Super Mario World (PL)Fully Playable14 Dec 2020
Super Mario World (TR)Unfinished27 Nov 2019
Super Mario World (ES)Fully Playable08 Oct 2019
Super Mario World (ZH)Fully Playable16 Aug 2019
Super Mario World (CY)Unfinished27 Jun 2019
Super Mario World (FR)Fully Playable16 Jun 2017
Super Mario World (IT)Fully Playable30 Oct 2011
Super Mario World (KO)Fully Playable14 Jan 2011
Super Mario World (RO)Fully Playable23 Feb 2010

203 Hacks
Riff World 2Complete14 Jan 2021
Mario's New Year Mini QuestComplete01 Jan 2021
Mario Mini 2020Complete16 Dec 2020
Super Mario World Translucent LevelsImprovement13 Dec 2020
Super Mario World 3Complete12 Dec 2020
Streak of TigersComplete09 Nov 2020
Super Luigi WorldImprovement01 Nov 2020
SMW The Crown TaleComplete12 Aug 2020
Yoshi's PawComplete07 Jul 2020
Super Mario World: No Music EditionImprovement03 Jul 2020