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Legacy of the Wizard

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

A long time ago, a dragon terrorized the land. A wizard sealed it away to restore peace. The dragon has broken the seal, and has resumed its reign of terror. Only the descendants can fight it. They must find a magical sword to finally put an end to the nightmare.


1 Document
LeghackGame Specific31 Jan 2001

2 Utilities
lotwtoolLevel Editors12 Apr 2020
DS4vLevel Editors15 Dec 2001

3 Translations
Legacy of the Wizard (ZH)Fully Playable16 Jul 2023
Legacy of the Wizard (EN)Fully Playable07 Oct 2021
Legacy of the Wizard (ES)Fully Playable01 Feb 2020

2 Hacks
Legacy of the Wizard - Reduced FlashingImprovement22 Jul 2023
Legacy of the Wizard - Sorcerer ModeImprovement01 Nov 2021