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Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Super Mario Bros. is a platforming game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


18 Documents
Super Mario Bros. Converted PAL DisassemblySource Code11 Apr 2021
Super Mario Bros. Two Player Hack EditingGame Specific30 Aug 2020
SMB Utility - Unofficial Help and Reference DocumentProgram Specific17 Jun 2020
SMB Title Screen Editor - English ManualGraphics Hacking11 Jul 2019
Super Mario Bros. Assembly MMC1 ConversionAssembly04 Apr 2017
Super Mario Brothers High Level DisassemblySource Code01 Feb 2013
Super Mario Bros. Music Hacking Guide (New Version)Game Specific25 Sep 2012
Super Mario Brothers 1 Level Map BytesGame Specific19 Apr 2008
Comprehensive Guide to SMB1 Music HackingGame Specific01 Apr 2008
How to Use SMBEDGame Specific11 Jan 2008

22 Utilities
SMBED (English)Graphics Editors17 Mar 2005
SMB Title Screen Editor (English)Graphics Editors21 Jan 2006
SMB Music Support Tool (English)Sound24 May 2008
[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEdLevel Editors16 Aug 2022
SuperFlowerGame Specific04 Apr 2019
SMB Graphics WorkshopGraphics Editors02 Oct 2008
S.M.B. Remodeler (English)Miscellaneous13 Jul 2017
NES_TitleEditer (SMB1Edit.)Graphics Editors04 Jan 2009
Python SMB Text EditorGame Specific10 Oct 2016
Very Easy Super Mario Title EditorGame Specific15 Mar 2015

32 Translations
Super Mario Bros. (ID)Fully Playable23 May 2022
Super Mario Bros. (EO)Fully Playable23 Sep 2022
Super Mario Bros. (ID)Fully Playable05 Oct 2021
Super Mario Bros. (TR)Fully Playable30 Jul 2021
Super Mario Bros. (FR)Addendum21 Dec 2020
Super Mario Bros. (FI)Fully Playable20 May 2021
Super Mario Bros. (TL)Fully Playable03 Feb 2021
Super Mario Bros. (ES)Fully Playable11 Sep 2020
Super Mario Bros. (PT)Fully Playable21 Dec 2020
Super Mario Bros. (CA)Fully Playable07 Nov 2020

504 Hacks
Super Mario Bros. or Super Wario Bros.Improvement03 Dec 2022
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ConyComplete16 Nov 2022
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Starlight Mario: UnderworldComplete28 Oct 2022
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