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Game Description:

Pokemon Crystal is the updated “third” version of Pokemon Gold and Silver. This revision introduces a few hallmarks that continued onwards through the series: Pokemon sprite animations, the Battle Tower, a female protagonist choice, and even legendary-focused storylines through a little side story surrounding Suicune. Colors and the like were also updated for a bit more quality, as Crystal was also on a GBC only cartridge.

This is pretty much Gold or Silver but even better, you can’t really go wrong with it.


1 Document
Hacking Wild Pokemon EncountersGame Specific10 Nov 2011

1 Utility
Crystal TrackerSound28 May 2023

2 Translations
Pokémon: Crystal Version (ES)Fully Playable29 Jun 2022
Pokémon: Crystal Version (EN)Unfinished30 Mar 2015

29 Hacks
Pokemon Crystal RecurvedImprovement03 Dec 2023
Pokémon Crystal LegacyImprovement03 Dec 2023
Crib CrystalImprovement15 Jun 2023
Pokemon Crystal V1.1 + GS Ball Event RestorationImprovement08 Dec 2022
Pokémon Slightly Better CrystalImprovement19 Nov 2022
Pokémon Crystal UltimateComplete26 Aug 2022
Pokemon Crystal Graphics Fix for Goomba ColorBug Fix02 Aug 2022
Pokemon Crystal - 251Improvement19 Apr 2023
Pokémon Soul Crystal V33.1Complete05 Dec 2023
A Genwunner's CrystalComplete28 Apr 2021